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The War on Journalism

All the big news stations have been talking about the White House’s war on Fox News, but that is only one battle. Obviously Fox News is a Republican tool used to spread propaganda in the name of news, but few realize that CNN is also a Republican tool used to spread propaganda in the name of news.

Yesterday, CNN spent a lot of time covering the teabagger rally in DC (before the Texas shooting took over the news), however CNN spent zero time covering the three rallies in favor of the Public Option which were held right outside there NY, Atlanta, and LA studios. Maybe if we had brought a balloon with no little boys inside, we could have gotten some coverage.

The rallies outside of the various CNN headquarter were organized by The Young Turks radio/YouTube show. There message was simple, CNN should actually report the news. The news in particular that we want reported is that a majority of Americans want the Public Option. Time and time again, Republicans will go on CNN and say that most Americans don’t want the Public Option and CNN never calls them out on it. The fact is that poll after poll has shown that most Americans do favor the Public Option. Here are some of those polls:

61% (CNN/ORC 10/18/09)
77% (SurveyUSA 8/20/09)
65% (NY Times/CBS News 9/25/09)
55% (Washington Post/ABC News 9/12/09)
61% (Quinnipiac 10/08/09)
55% (Time 7/29/09)
72% (NY Times/CBS News 6/20/09)
56% (Washington Post/ABC News 10/20/09)
59% (Kaiser Family Foundation 8/20/2009)

Despite the facts, CNN still does not bring these numbers to the public’s attention and has contributed to misleading the public into thinking that most Americans are against the Public Option. The fact that CNN spent more time covering the Townhall Protests and the Teabagger rallies then they did covering the Gay Rights March and the Public Option Rallies yesterday right outside their door shows that they are biased in the same way that Fox News is biased. The only difference is that CNN isn’t as obvious about it.

People can argue for or against the Public Option, but that is not really what this blog post is about. It really doesn’t matter what the issue is, the fact is that CNN can no longer be trusted to investigate or report the news.

At the teabagger rally yesterday, Republican Congressman John Boehner told the crowd that he was going to read from the US Constitution and then he mistakenly read from the Declaration of Independence. How embarrassing for a US Congressman to not know the difference between these two great American documents. I will bet that CNN doesn’t mention it at all. However, if a Democratic Congress person were to have made the same mistake it would surely be a major scandal.

At least three Republican Congress people have made statements on the floor of the House saying that the Democratic Health Care Bill would kill people (without any facts). No one questioned it and it was not a scandal at all. But when Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson stated on the floor of the House that the Republican Health Care plan was to not get sick and if you do get sick to die quickly, all hell broke loose and CNN repeatedly tried to pressure him to apologize. Grayson for the record did have actual facts and evidence to support his opinion.

I no longer trust CNN to deliver the news. These days, I watch the Daily Show and The Colbert Report for a lot of my news. I also watch internet shows like The Young Turks and others. Even NPR is starting to loose their credibility. We really need more news outlets that will ask the tough questions and not just swallow talking points. Walter Cronkite is surely turning over in his grave.


Dangerous Talk represents at CNN Headquarters in New York

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  • http://www.myspace.com/itsahicke Her3tiK

    Why report the news when its not what their corporate overlords pay them to do? How can you be so against the capitalist system that demands screwing the peasants at every possible turn? What kind of American are you?!

    • http://www.myspace.com/itsahicke Her3tiK


  • http://www.myspace.com/diana_graves Diana

    I hadn’t realized CNN was a poppet…I shall never watch them again! They killed journalism. Those bastards!

    BBC world news is still good, right?

  • Kat

    *”We” don’t want boring news..”We” don’t want to sit around hearing boring statements about healthcare…unless they have a “Gotcha” in them.” We” WANT to see mass murder, runaway balloons with kids in them, blood, guts, excitement…American people want to be stimulated. News use to be just the News, now News is “Showtime”! If it doesn’t grab your attention, you switch the channel. Not sure if it’s the News Stations or the intellect of the American People.
    Why else would all these stupid , unreal “reality” shows be so popular.
    * I do not include myself in that “We”

  • http://dogmaticatheist.wordpress.com A-Dizzle

    I only watch local news. Cable news is biased no matter who you watch.

  • Sam

    Woops, anyway, it said…

    “Will the road you’re on get you to my place?”
    – God.

    And they offended me even though they weren’t attacking me.

    And I have to go down that highway every day to get to my college.

  • Sam

    Woops somehow this ended up on the wrong blog.

    I’m having troubles today.


  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    I get most of my news from Yahoo News and what I learn on this blog. Fox News is always on when I eat at Burger King and it is completely full of shit. I remember the Amazing Atheist on youtube stating that CNN is the tabloid station. Now CNN is proving to be right wing too. I’m not sure where MSNBC stands but from what I hear people say, it’s probably the best of the news networks.

    It is becoming clear that there is an internal war within the US. It is the elites versus the non-elite. The elite use the propaganda of the media and religion to remain elite. I remember in European history there were alot of times of strife between the end of the middle ages and modern times. Think of the French Revolution, the Spanish Inquisition, the break away from the Catholic Church, among other things.

    When Europeans go to school they learn these events in detail. In the US, we focus on American History and in American History we have not learned enough about corruption. We all learn about ancient history too such as Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, (China and India always seem to get skipped) but I don’t remember learning much about the middles ages to the present.

    Essentially, shit has to happen for the American public to learn that the elite is corrupt and is the main cause of this recession. History books will refer to the early 2000s as a time of strife between the elite and the non-elite.