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‘The Atheist Challenge’

The Christian blog, “The BitterSweet End” has posted an atheist challenge of ten questions. Okay, I’ll bite. Thanks to VJack over at Atheist Revolution for making me aware of this. 1.    If there is NO God, then their is no Measurement or Standard for morality?  Then what will define morality? Well, I think you are […]

What’s The Point of an Argument?

In my experience, there really are two goals that people argue for when they argue about issues and depending on which one of these goals or reasons people use will shape the argument dramatically. Sometimes an argument is just not worth having or is not worth having with the person one is having it with. […]

Magic Diapers

I know that I could probably just ask a Mormon about this, but that wouldn’t nearly be as much fun and it would probably offend the Mormon anyway. So I just gotta know… Do babies born of Mormon parents have to wear magic diapers? When you think about it, they should. I mean the whole […]

Waiting to Die

One of the most common statements religious believers make toward atheists is that without the promise of everlasting life, our lives must be meaningless. Quite frankly, I think it is reversed. It seems to me that most religious believers are so focused on their afterlife that they go around this life just waiting to die. […]

‘Christian Bashing’ and Charity

Recently a Christian commented on a forum that he was tired of all the “Christian basing” and that Christians do so much good in the world. He pointed out that Christians are often first on the scene of disasters and give more to charity than atheists do. So I wrote him a response and thought […]

Religious Kid Gloves

Once again we come to the conversation about how critical atheists should be when criticizing religion with the religious. It seems that some atheists think I should be more respectful of the religious and realize that they sometimes feel personally attacked when their beliefs are criticized. I realize this, but that doesn’t mean that I […]

Annoying Atheists

I love the greater atheist community, but sometimes there are people in our community that are stupid and/or annoying. While these people do make up a very small percentage of our community, they are there and some how I get cornered into talking to them or sitting next to them. The thing about these annoying […]

Why Criticism and Mockery are Important

Yesterday I talked about the perception that criticism and mockery is often considered going negative. Today I want to talk about the value of criticism and mockery. Quite simply, it is how we learn. When presented with an idea (good or bad) we have to think about the idea. Sometimes we don’t do that or […]

Going Negative Isn’t Always Negative

A lot of people criticize me and other atheists because we criticize religion. They seem to think that criticism is “being negative.” Oddly enough, these people don’t think they are being negative when they criticize us for being negative. People keep asking me to stop being critical of religion and to stop mocking religion. But […]

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