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Annoying Atheists

I love the greater atheist community, but sometimes there are people in our community that are stupid and/or annoying. While these people do make up a very small percentage of our community, they are there and some how I get cornered into talking to them or sitting next to them.

The thing about these annoying atheists is that they ramble on about minor issues that they generally don’t understand. Often times these issues aren’t even on the table at the time. For example, a number of months ago I was at a meeting. The topic being discussed was about the legal issues involved in the separation of church and state and somehow this fellow atheist cornered me to argue about determinism. I wanted to talk to the speaker about church and state issues, but this annoying guy won’t shut up.

Then there is the incident that occurred at the Human Light Luncheon that I mentioned in my Examiner article. Paul Kurtz was speaking about humanism and a positive face for non-theists when this idiot started asking him about cosmology and implied that Stephen Hawking was a Creationist.

While there are idiots in every group and the atheist community certainly has far less than religious groups tend to have, what I find particularly annoying about annoying atheists is that they really think they are super smart. They also tend to miss social cues like when people like me tune them out and try to blow them off.

It seems so hard to believe that at this current point in history that there could be stupid and annoying atheists because it is so hard to escape the indoctrination of religion that one would expect anyone to have achieved this to at least be of above average intellect. But sure enough we get some dumb asses too.

In a way this is humbling. It shows that atheists are just like every other community of people with smart people and stupid people in our ranks.

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  • Jim

    What do you have against determinism? j/k

    Interesting point you’ve made. I think there’s just a whole bunch of information out there and some people like to remain in their specialty. Those that do so see the world only from that point of view so it makes sense that they would try to steer a conversation into their own perspective. As you sort of implied, it’s just a human thing to do this. Some people sit quietly with their knowledge, adding here and there but mostly just observing and processing, while others wand to hog the spotlight whether they know what they’re talking about or not. I call this range of attitude, the infinite variability of human behavior. It’s my own personal way to explain why people do / say odd shit.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I’ve been none to dominate the conversation at times, but I try to watch for social cues to let me know if I am talking about something no one is interested in. The thing is that in most of the cases I am talking about, the person doesn’t steer the conversation toward something they are knowledgeable about. They just like to argue things that they don’t understand and that no one actually cares about. It really is annoying.

  • http://www.socialinjustices.net dlevitt

    I just take comfort in knowing I’m not one of the stupid ones! Hmm, I think?:-)

  • http://www.atheistrev.com vjack

    Of course there are stupid and annoying atheists! We’re just like everybody else except for that little matter of belief in gods.

    When I read your description of a stupid and annoying atheists, I have to admit that I probably was one at one time. I think many of us go through this stage along the way. I remember trying to debate subjects about which I knew little and coming across as a bit of a moron in doing so. I didn’t have the Internet or any modern books about atheism to help me, so it took me a long time to get where I am now.

    Some of these atheists may be annoying, but I try to be patient and remember my own development. I suspect most of them will get there in time.