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Gravitiests Have Blood On There Hands

One of the most common attacks that Creationsists make is that “Evolutionists” are responsible for Hitler’s Eugenics program. This is of course ridiculous and in reality is no different than claiming that Gravitiests are responsible for the crimes of murderers dropping people out a window.

First, I take issue with the term “Evolutionist.” Evolution is a scientific theory, not a life philosophy or a religion. Gravity is also a scientific theory and so it makes as much sense to call someone an “Evolutionist” as it does to call someone a Gravitiest. Creationists use the term “Evolutionist” as an attempt to lower those who accept the science of evolution down to their level of faith based thinking.

Second, Just because someone like Hitler didn’t understand the is/ought problem and decided to use the science of evolution as an excuse for his nationalism does not mean that evolution leads to eugenics. Evolution is not a moral philosophy; it is an observation of the world.

Gravity is also not a moral philosophy and just because someone throws someone out a window because they expect them to plummet to their death does not mean that Gravity is to blame for those deaths. “What comes up must come down,” is not a statement about morality and either is the often misused statement, “Survival of the fittest” which really isn’t what evolution is about anyway. Evolution would be more accurately described as “survival of the best able to adapt.”

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