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Religious Kid Gloves

Once again we come to the conversation about how critical atheists should be when criticizing religion with the religious. It seems that some atheists think I should be more respectful of the religious and realize that they sometimes feel personally attacked when their beliefs are criticized. I realize this, but that doesn’t mean that I have to accept it and wear my religious kid gloves when talking to them.

Religious people aren’t children. They are adults with all the reasoning potential as non-theists. So why should we treat them like children and handhold them through discussions. I am sorry they feel personally attacked by any criticism of their religious beliefs, but that isn’t going to stop me from criticizing their religious beliefs. They are just going to have to grow up and act like the adults they are.

Religious people have to stop whining line children whenever their religious beliefs get criticized. I’m an adult so when I discuss religion with another adult, I expect to have an adult conversation. Having the conversation any other way should quite honestly be insulting to the religious person. They should be happy that we are treating them like rational adults rather than the emotionally stunted children they often act like when they whine about being personally insulted by harsh criticisms of their ridiculous religious beliefs.

The kid gloves are off!

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  • http://www.dvorkin.com David Dvorkin

    Well said.

    They assume that their nonsensical beliefs deserve respect. Actually, they insist on that. Yet they’re as quick as anyone else to cast scorn on new woo-woo nonsense

  • http://www.socialinjustices.net dlevitt

    They are emotionally stunted adults, and therefore do not have the same reasoning potential as emotionally mature adults. Can they get beyond this point? Perhaps with extremely intense psychological therapy, but as long as society treats this as an asset as opposed to a defect, so that they will have these people to manipulate at their will, they will have no reason to do so. Corporations and the affluent use this social defect to attain their power and wealth, and quite effectively I might add.

  • River

    There is a great opportunity here.

    As humanistic atheists I suggest we take a step back and realize a positive mentor/mentee relationship can be established between rationalists and believers.

    I often wonder if there is an internal need of our individual psyches to be RIGHT and to broadcast that “righteousness’ with impunity, rather than empathize with believers and then take the slower, harder road to forging understanding and greater rationalism.

    Of course there are multiple agendas to be had. If the intent is to have an audience of pre-converted atheists patting our own backs, then badmouth the religionists with abandon. If an audience of questioning believers is desired (they do all question to different degrees…it is human nature), then I suggest a more balanced approach which builds and develops a thriving connection for reasonable ideas to thrive and which tickles, encourages, and wins over the rational notions with otherwise misled believers.

    I “believe” it is the latter approach with which we can forge real progress.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Depends on the people involved, River. Different people require different tactics. But I’ll tell you what doesn’t work. Treating adults like children doesn’t work even when those adults act like children. This is why I take the kid gloves off and address theists like rational adults (even when they are not being rational).

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