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The Remarkable Mr. Hitchens

I had an entirely different blog post in mind for today, but sadly that will have to wait until next week. Sadly, Christopher Hitchens has died and that is something that needs talking about because he was such a remarkable person.

Late last night, when I heard the news I posted an Examiner article on his death. But after reading it this morning, I am not happy with it. While my writing skill could never match or even come close to Hitchens, I really thought that I could do better and that I should do better. So this morning I wrote a second Examiner article.

But the real tribute to Hitchens didn’t come after he died, but rather while he was still alive to appreciate it. Last month, atheists raised their glasses to Hitchens. Today, atheists all over the world will surely be raising our glasses to the remarkable Mr. Hitchens.

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