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Soul Murderer

Over the years, I have helped to de-convert many people away from religion. One would think that if the religious really believed what they claim to believe then they would consider me to be a worse criminal than most serial killers. A murderer takes away someone’s life, but I have taken away people’s eternal afterlife. I am a serial soul murderer.

Okay, they still have an afterlife according to most Christians, but that afterlife is filled with eternal torture. What would you think if you were told that someone had half a dozen people locked up in their basement and tortured them for a week? That would be a pretty heinous crime, but not nearly as bad as what I have done according to the majority of Christian believers. I am responsible for torturing people for all eternity merely by dissuading them from their religious beliefs. My words are weapons of eternal torture.

Of course, there are extremely few religious believers who actually think that I am a worse criminal that a serial killer or someone who tortures others in real life. There are no laws on the books protecting the eternal lives or innocent souls. No one is even trying to pass that legislation. Not even Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson. Why not?

Because despite all their talk about how sincere their beliefs are concerning eternal torture and eternal bliss, part of them has their doubts. In fact, I dare say that part of them knows that it is all make-believe. If they really believed this stuff, then they would consider me to be a worse criminal than any serial killer.

Apparently in some Muslim countries they do take their belief in an afterlife seriously. De-converting people away from Islam is a serious crime. In the west, even the most hard-core fundamentalist Christian thinks that type of thing is absurd. Christians just don’t think souls have rights… and neither do I. That is why I continue to murder souls. If you are a Christian, yours may be next.

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  • Chuck

    Hi Staks, nice article. It looks like you double pasted the text.

    • http://twitter.com/DangerousTalk Staks Rosch

      Fixed, thanks Chuck.