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Dear Christian: If You Love Me, Don’t Threaten Me!

I would say that the single most common message I get from Christians is usually in two parts. The first part is an expression of love and the second part is a threat of eternal torture.

This is of course not the first time I have written about this however, the title of my Atheism 101 article on this subject seems to give people the wrong impression. I think I said it best is a sort one line response to a comment a Christian left on one of my articles recently:

“I wouldn’t worship a deity under the threat of eternal torture even if I believed such a deity existed… and I don’t.”

That’s even less than 140 characters, but it doesn’t really address the passive aggressive tone of the Christian’s message. It also doesn’t really address the false expression of love. I say that the expression of love is false because I think that anyone who truly loved me would stand up to the deity who threatened to torture me for all eternity simply for not believing in his existence because he failed to present adequate evidence to convince me that he actually exists.

The way I see it (and I expressed this in a video) is that God would know what would persuade me of his existence and he would be able to present that persuasive evidence. So if God loves me, then he would present that evidence and I would be persuaded by it. Therefore, either God desired to torture me for all eternity, doesn’t know how to convince me, is unable to convince me, or he just flat out doesn’t exist.

No matter how you slice it, it doesn’t look good for the Christian. Besides, what kind of sadistic deity would even put “torture non-believers for all eternity” on the menu? That is fucking ridiculous and that is why I think that anyone who really loves me would call this shit out.

If you are a Christian and you want to offer a prayer to your God on my behalf, pray that he stop with this eternal Hell thing. Because even if God did prove persuasively that he existed, I still wouldn’t worship any deity that thought it was okay to torture anyone for all eternity without the possibility for parole. That’s not justice that is sick and twisted hate. So don’t tell me you love me because your words don’t match your beliefs and actions.

Dear Christians, I love you and I want you to stop believing this twisted shit and start living your life free from religious bullshit. You will be happier and you will make others happier too.


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  • http://onefuriousllama.com One Furious Llama

    Nicely said Staks, nicely said.

    And that’s the thing about Christianity isn’t it. Love and torture. Lets pretend to be all nice while most of humanity will spend eternity suffering. It’s a beautiful message.

    You need to be a pretty twisted individual to be happy with spending eternity in heaven while knowing your children are being tortured for eternity.

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