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Atheist Drama

A lot was going on this past weekend. Americans celebrated our independence from England, American Atheists flew banners over half the nation, and atheists celebrated our independence from gods. Yet despite all of this, most of the e-mails I got this weekend were asking me my opinion on Rebecca Watson’s 4am elevator encounter.

Let me be clear here, I respect Rebecca and support her right to blog about her experiences. I don’t think every atheist blogger needs to comment on her experiences. I recently wrote about my thoughts about the death of Ryan Dunn because I met him and lived in the same town as he lived in and died in for many years. That was my experience, but I don’t think Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, or Hemant Mehta (among others) should comment on my experience.

In short, I wasn’t there and I really don’t care. So I want to take this opportunity to talk about drama. Sure, everyone loves a good drama. But it really isn’t productive. I am glad Rebecca talks about her experiences and feminism within the atheist movement and if atheist bloggers want to discuss feminism in more detail and perhaps come up with suggestion on being more welcoming to women within the greater community of reason, I am sure Rebecca would be thrilled and that would be worth writing about. But the drama just gets in the way.

Let’s be rational and leave the drama to reality television. Now, I am still taking suggestions for tract ideas (see previous blog post).

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