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For Christians, It Is Always a Good Time to Proselytize

In the wake of the Arizona shootings, a facebook page was created called, “Thoughts and Prayers for Rep. Giffords & Other Victims.” I actually don’t have a problem with this particular page even though it calls for prayers it also calls for thoughts. This to me is an acknowledgment that not everyone prays. However, Christians waste little time in using this tragedy and this page to proselytize.

I posted a rather lengthy “thought” on the page and mentioned that I don’t pray because I don’t believe there is anyone to pray to, but I had some thoughts. This was enough to cause some Christian to respond and offer his prayers to me that I find God.

I informed this Christian that his comment was rude and that this was not the place to proselytize and that the page was designed to offer thoughts and prayers for Giffords and the other victims. He then accused me of proselytizing first since I mentioned my lack of belief and then proceeded to make multiple comments about praying for me and blessing me.

At that point he was being rude and dishonest. I informed him merely stating that I don’t pray is not proselytizing any more than the creators of the page asking for prayers would be. Telling non-believers that they ought to pray or find God would be proselytizing and I have a problem with that. I continued to try to focus the conversation back to the tragedy, but he simply blew me off at that point.

I find it sad that Christians feel the need to use tragedy as a tool for proselytizing. This is not the first time I have experienced or written about this. It happens at almost every funeral and we need to start calling it out for what it is. Last year, actor Tony Danza did exactly that and I don’t even think he is an atheist. But Danza was upset that the priest presiding over the service for a friend used the opportunity to proselytize rather than to discuss the person who died.

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