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Liar, Lunatic, Atheist Argument

Christians sometimes argue that everyone “knows” there is a God. I always find this line of argument comical for so many reasons. First, it is sort of childish. I could just as easily declare that the Christian knows there isn’t a God. It is an assertion which needs no justification. The argument can’t go anyway. [...]

Dusting Off Old Arguments as New

A common theme that I run into when discussing religion with Christians (particularly fundamentalist Christians), is that they will often bring up old arguments which have long since been refuted as if they are some new revelation. These Christians often boast about how knowledgeable and thoughtful they are and yet they don’t seem to realize [...]

The Lord, Liar, Lunatic Argument

“The Lord, Liar, Lunatic Argument,” was first created by C.S. Lewis in his book, “Mere Christianity,” but has since been repeated and popularized by Christian hack, Josh McDowell in his book “More Than a Carpenter.” McDowell’s book is a favorite among college aged Evangelical Christians. While possibly one of the worst arguments for Christianity, it [...]

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