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My New Favorite Christian

Despite the fact that I strongly disagree with Christians on the nature of reality and I think that Christianity is the most dangerous force humanity has ever known I have nothing against Christians as people. It isn’t their fault they have been so fooled by the Christian system. Because no two Christians are the same, so I do have my favorites. Especially among the evangelical and apologist Christians I have my favorites.

Last week, thanks to the all powerful Twitter, I stumbled upon a Christian evangelical apologist I had never heard before on YouTube. I watched a few of his videos and I have to say that this guy is great. In fact, he is my new favorite Christian.

What I like about this guy is that he is completely ridiculous. When I first watched one of his videos, I actually wasn’t sure he was for real. Part of me actually thought his video was satire, but as it turns out he is completely serious.

I also love how in some cases, he actually argues against other Christians and in so doing, makes my points for me. The thing is that he is too wrapped up in his own bullshit to realize that the arguments he makes against the other Christians apply just as well to his own brand of Christianity.

So without further ad due I give you Michael Voris of Catholic TV:

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