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Satire Evangelists vs. The Real Thing

Yesterday, I shared a video from my new favorite Christian, Michael Voris. When I first saw his videos, I wasn’t sure he was for real. Many other people had similar doubts. On the other hand, many atheists who initially watched Edward Current videos on YouTube thought he was for real despite being so over the top in his obviously satirical fashion. What does this mean?

I think that it is really interesting that Christians have gotten so bat-shit crazy that it is actually hard to tell the Christian satire from the real thing. How do you lampoon a religion which pretty much lampoons themselves? I am not sure how one can do religious satire anymore with out someone thinking that they might be serious.

I wonder how over the top a satirist has to go for people to say, “Oh, that is obviously satire.” What if a “Christian” advocated a dictatorship? Would that be so over the top that it just couldn’t be a real Christian? Surely something that ridiculous must be a satire, right? Wrong, my favorite Christian Michael Voris had just such a video. It seems that his video got a lot of negative reactions from people so he took it down. But not to worry, once someone says something that crazy in front of a camera, there is no way to erase it. For the record, I actually did see the original on his channel a few days ago and Voris actually commented on the video in another of his daily self-lampoons.

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  • http://www.easyquickwaystomakemoneyonline.com dlevitt

    And to think that these lunatics make up at least 1/2, probably more of our society. It’s no wonder the world will never be at peace. Good thing that 1+1 so obviously equals 2 or they wouldn’t even have that right yet. Well, probably some of them refute that as well, I don’t recall reading it in the bible.