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Is The Catholic Church Doomed?

While the media has a short memory and have already stopped talking about the massive child rape, child molestation, and the Vatican’s efforts to cover it all up, many actual Catholics haven’t forgotten so easily. As a result, many Catholics are leaving (or at least attempting to leave) the Church. How close is the Catholic Church to the tipping point of doom?

The problem isn’t just the sex scandals; they have been going on for decades. The Church is facing other challenges that the former Pope recognized, but that the current Pope does not. Modernity is a bitch and she is slapping the shit out of the Catholic Church.

Don’t get me wrong, the last Pope thought that homosexuality is a sin, that condom use is mass murder, and all the other absurdities. The difference is that this Pope is actually saying this stuff out loud in a very vocal fashion. In America, the Catholic Church now has a fundamentalist wing most represented by Bill Donahue’s Catholic League and now Michael Voris’ Real Catholic TV. The Catholic Church has clowns running around as their spokespeople and a nut as their ringleader.

The Catholic Church has been around for almost two-thousand years, so I don’t expect it to come to and end overnight. But if they continue on their current course, they may reach the tipping point and start going down hill very quickly. With that in mind, I think it is important to keep the pressure on them and to continue to expose the dangers of even moderate association with the Church.

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  • http://www.easyquickwaystomakemoneyonline.com dlevitt

    For the idiots that believe this stuff, they know that the path to true self power is to get a bunch of other idiots to believe even greater crap than they already believe. Same way cults with really wacky leaders get started, so too shall these other idiots follow, and they are in great numbers. Unfortunately they will not be happy until they have destroyed society and don’t mind dying to get it, or destroying the world in the process. Remember G.W. Bush had his finger on the nuclear button, how much closer can you get?

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