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Woe is it to be a Christian

I always have to laugh when some Christian cries about the horrible persecution they suffer because they aren’t allowed to discriminate against gays or force their religion and values down everyone the throats of others like they used to. Woe it is to be a Christian today, lol.

Yesterday, I blogged about how the Catholic Religion is nearing the tipping point that might send it into the pit of dead religions. Well, after tweeting the link to the blog, some Christian sent me a link to his page where he talked about how in Britain, Muslims don’t have to wear a motorcycle helmet and no one objects to Muslim women wearing their head scarves at work yet one airline apparently prohibits the wearing of crucifixes.

Let’s analyze this a little bit. First, while I think he makes a valid point about the motorcycle helmets, I don’t typically think of Muslims rolling in on Harleys. It is a bit weak. As far as no one objecting to the head scarf, that has to do with people’s attitudes and belief in tolerance. Interestingly enough, there is currently a case in which a woman was fired from her job for wearing her head scarf in America. The issue was to do with work place dress codes. This ought to apply to crucifixes too as it appears it does with that one airline in Britain. It isn’t about religion at all.

This Christian then complained about how Christians can’t run adoption agencies on “Christian principles” because they want to discriminate against gays. Cry me a river. Oh know the western nations are actually treating Christians equally instead of giving their ridiculous cult special exemptions from the law; except of course the whole exemption from taxes, the free advertising on currency, in our national motto, in our pledge, and from just about every politician in the nation. And that is just the beginning of Christian woes in western nations, lol.

What a bunch of whinny bitches, no wonder Christians are always so nostalgic for the past when they could discriminate, torture, and burn people to death just for a hint that such people might not agree on the official Church doctrine. Ah yes, George Carlin put it best when he said, “Do you believe in God?” “No.” Boom! Dead. “Do you believe in God?” “Yes…” “Do you believe in my God?” “No.” Boom! Dead. “My god has a bigger dick than your god!” What he should have added was, “Do you believe in my God?” “Yes.” “Do you believe in my God in my way?” “No.” Boom! Dead.

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