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Pushing Beliefs: Atheists vs. Theists

Over the last few years, atheists have been putting up billboards, bus ads, and even aerial banners. Most of these have been pretty tame by any standard and if you compare them to the billboards of the religious, they are extremely tame. Yet, despite this obvious fact, we get criticism for “pushing our beliefs…” or in our case our lack of belief. But who really is pushing their beliefs, atheists or theists?

If you added up all the atheist billboard, bus, and aerial campaigns in the entire country, they would no doubt be less than just the billboard campaigns in almost any given state by Christians. How many times do atheists come knocking on you door with pamphlets and the God Delusion in hand?

Do atheists erect tax-exempt anti-theist centers on nearly every street corner? No, but do the religious erect their anti-atheist centers on nearly every street corner at the tax payer’s expense? Yes! Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, etc. are everywhere and their central message is that God exists and he wants you to believe. Some religious leaders even take to the pulpit and proclaim that atheists are fools and that we are evil.

Next time you are out on the road, count up how many religious bumper stickers you see and see if it is more than the number of atheist bumper stickers you see. How about t-shirts? How many religious vs. anti-religious t-shirts do you see on any given day?

Now, take out your wallet and let me know how many dollar bills say, “In No God Should You Trust.” I will bet you all your money that you will see a religious billboard on your money. The religious actually push their religion on our money! Every dollar bill is a billboard for religion. How fucked up is that? There is no way that atheists could possibly push our ideas is such an effective way.

But what are atheists really pushing anyway? Are we telling people that if they don’t believe as we do they will be and should be tortured for all eternity? No, that’s what the religious do. We are simply telling people to think critically, learn about science and history, and embrace reality. If you don’t, you will be tortured for a lifetime of ignorance. That’s it.

Atheists have every right to advertise out ideas. When religious believers complain about it, they simple are afraid of the obvious. Atheists have evidence to support our claims and we demand religious believers present evidence for theirs http://bestecasinonorge.com/. We don’t need to promote atheism on dollar bills, or door-to-door. Our ideas are so scary good, that we just have to promote them a little bit and we become strong competition for the billion dollar religious campaigns of bullshit.

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