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Fossils Prove God? Good Grief!

I was having a conversation with a Christian and he actually told me that fossils prove God exists. Note that he didn’t say that fossils present strong evidence for the existence of God, but that they actually prove it. This clown assured me that he was well versed in science, too.

The only thing I can possible think of that this guy was talking about is the old Creationist claim that there are no transitional fossils… therefore God. This is of course wrong in many ways. First, every fossil is a transitional fossil so the claim that there aren’t any just shows a lack of knowledge about how evolution via natural selection actually works.

Second, it is a little bit like the underpants gnomes. Step one, steal underpants. Step three, profit. Even if it were true that there are no transitional fossils, I don’t see the step from this to the, “therefore God.” Of course there is also the missing step of, “therefore my God.”

And that brings me to the Bible. The fossil record clearly contradicts a literal reading of the Bible (which is what Creationists believe). So therefore, not God would be more accurate.  Now if you want to take a figurative view of the Bible, then you can make any shit up to justify your position. If a Christian really wanted to go there, then maybe God is a metaphor and these Christians are really atheists. But I digress.

The point is that there is no way that fossils prove or even could be evidence in support of a god concept. Fossils certainly don’t prove the Christian God. But I do love how Christians love to try to show how something that disproves their fairytale actually proves their fairytale if you stand on your head, close one eye, and look at it through a funhouse mirror.

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