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Really? Atheism is a religion, but Christianity isn’t?

You know religious believers are living in a delusional world when they actively try to convince atheists that atheism is a religion, but that Christianity isn’t. As ridiculous as such a belief sounds, we hear such nonsense from religious believers all the time, but rarely at the same time.

First, there is the claim that atheism is a religion. This is pretty popular lately. My sister made this claim on facebook a few days ago and former MTV Vjay, Kennedy, made this claim on Real Time with Bill Maher last week. I have already written an Atheism 101 article on this subject and this past week, Bill Maher responded to Kennedy’s claim on his show on Friday:

Then there is the second claim, that Christianity is not a religion. This is almost always followed by the statement that it is a relationship with God or Jesus or both. If you ask me though, it is more of a religionship than a relationship. We have relationships with actual people who actually exist. And in relationships, we don’t pray to our loved one either.

When religious believers have such things as atheism being a religion and Christianity not being one mixed up, how can anyone possibly take them seriously? Can’t we just laugh at them and call it a day?

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  • http://twitter.com/ichbindaswort ichbindaswortistich

    If religious faith were not dangerous, we could actually laugh at it all the time. Unfortunately, much religious faith indeed is dangerous.

    By the way, I have just added a link to your site to my weblog. Let me know if you do not agree.

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  • TTT

    last time i checked atheism isnt even a religion its not a way of life its not philosophical or anything like that if i had to say what it represents id say its a group of nice people who do good things based on their own personal beliefs and their honor not believing in some made up book

    • dangeroustalk

      Thank you Captain Obvious. Did you read the blog post or just the title?

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  • RoryC

    What is dangerous is any zealous adherence to ideology — be the ideology either religious, or non-religious in nature. And, while ‘atheism’ is not, in itself, an ideology, many (possibly most) atheists are not merely atheists in the true sense of the term — they are, instead, adherents to philosophical modalities such as materialism, or naive realism. And, some such atheists can, and do, hold to such views with a very great level of what can only be described as dogmatism. In no small number, many atheists are also ardent religiophobes. And, these sorts of convictions are held, by many atheists, in a religious-like manner — so close in nature to how zealous religious followers hold to their religious convictions that the separation between the terms “religious” and “religious like” becomes effectively meaningless.

    In short, ‘atheism’ is not a religion. However, many ‘atheists’ are, in the most practical sense, religious.