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9/11 Cross Controversy

For some reason the question of whether or not the 17 foot tall 9/11 Cross should go into a federally funded museum has become a controversy within the atheist community. It has actually gotten pretty heated and I have taken the obvious position that Christians have over stepped their bounds and are once again trying to use the tragedy of 9/11 to push their agenda.

I make this case in two Examiner articles:
9/11 Cross: In opposition
‘9/11 Cross’ turns museum into church

However, I think the more important story is that in defending American Atheists’ lawsuit, Blair Scott received not just the usual amount of death threats, but also thousands of death threats on facebook by Christians who were stupid enough to put their names on their threats. In fact, this is the first article I wrote which deals with this controversy: Christian death threats aimed at atheist

The only case that seems to be made in favor of the 9/11 Cross by atheists is that the cross is made out of actual debris from the twin towers and that people worship it. Interestingly enough, I think the very fact that people worship it is one of the main reasons why it doesn’t belong in the museum. But I digress.

I do wish American Atheists would make a better case in the court of public opinion for their position. I hope my articles will help them to do that.

Let’s get this debate going and let’s keep in reasonable and respectful.

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