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Christian Personal Responsibility

Right wing Christians love to talk about people should take personal responsibility for themselves. This usually is in reference to when minority is being persecuted. Whenever I heard this type of thing from them, I can’t help but laugh.

Of all the people in the entire world the one group that is God bent on not taking personal responsibility for themselves has got to be Christians. If something good happens due to their hard work, “Thank God.” If something bad happens because of some poor choices, “God has a plan.” Sometimes the really fundamentalists will blame the Devil for the bad things. Rarely however do Christians praise or blame themselves.

When it comes to taking personal responsibility, Christians rank pretty low on the list. While not everything in life is in our personal control, for Christians to whine about personal responsibility is laughable. In life, sometimes something happens that we consider good and sometimes something happens that we consider bad. Sometimes we have some measure of control and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes shit both good and bad, happen.

Sometimes we are correct in thanking others and ourselves for the good things in our lives and sometimes we are correct in blaming others and ourselves for the bad things in our lives. But the most important thing is that when be have bad things happen, we have to take the personal responsibility to try to make it better. We can’t sit around praying to some magical deity to fix things. Fuck those “prayer requests” and actually ask for some human help if you need it.

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  • Diana

    My husband has this a supper goddy friend:

    Her racist dead beat father offered her and her Asian husband a room at his house if they move Montana, so they quit their jobs and drove on over (la-di-da)

    The night before they left, they left all their worldly possessions in their car over night in a bad part of town…it was stolen, and that was god’s first “test”…

    Her hillbilly father gave them an ultimatum when they arrived, (leave your husband or get out), making them homeless in a state they’ve never been to before, and god tested them the second time…

    They never bought driver’s insurance for Montana and were hit by a drunk driver, nearly killing her husband…The no insurance thing made it automatically their fault and the drunk driver SUED THEM, and god was testing them…

    Only thing is…it was ALL their fault, save for the drunk driver hitting them…that was his fault (stupid state law) This shit was totally avoidable, if only they had used their brain, just once…In a matter of months they managed to lose everything because they made one bad decision after another…But it wasn’t them, it’s just all part of god’s plan.

    In the end, they paid for everything and are still paying…but they survived. Not because of god’s grace, but because they could do nothing else. They had to beg for money to get back to Washington State, live with family until they were back on their feet, and set up a payment plan to pay the drunk driver who hit them…

  • Sarge

    I play in a lot of churches, but only if they hand me my fee up front.

    Some actually take the “Jesus paid it all” thing too much to heart.