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Why Do Christians Start Conversations With Atheists?

What do Christians hope to accomplish when they start an argument with an atheist? Do they think they are going to convince us with no evidence that some ridiculous ancient story is obviously true? They know that we know a lot about religion and we have probably heard all their arguments before they even come out of their mouth. So, what is their point?

My guess is that they don’t really have a point. They probably haven’t thought this through at all. They are probably just hoping that they can rattle off a bunch of arguments and maybe one of them will stick. But the fact is that we have heard all their poorly thought out arguments before.

They gotta know that the only thing that will convince us is actual evidence and that is the very thing that they don’t actually have. We have to make them realize just how ridiculous their religion really is. We need to get them to step back and look at their religion as an outsider would.

If they truly believe that their beliefs are not ridiculous, they have nothing to lose by going on the internet and researching possible atheist responses. Let them do the work. Let them educate themselves and put them in our shoes. Maybe they will start to think critically about the world around them for a change.

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  • MiykaelPoly

    I dont think they know, that we know a lot about their religion. I think they just assume, that we have not bothered to look into their religion and if they just push it on us, they think we would see the light.

  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    Religious people don’t means test their belief system. The only opportunity for them to examine their belief system may be when they choose to speak to an atheist. I like talking to theists as long as they are polite. Our conversation may help them in some way.

  • Sarge

    Their deity “tells” them so, admonishes”…is not my word like a hammer that breaketh a rock into pieces…” and such fol de rol, plus their mind set is in the model of the early church “father” who agreed that the doctrine and its basis was absurd, which is why he believed it.

    When you deal with someone who looks at the world thrrough that lense, don’t expect an actual debate. You may as well talk to a fish about bicycling.

    They, on the other hand, thing that WE have the problem.

  • http://thebrunettesblog.wordpress.com Ginny

    From my experience, most Christians are pretty intellectually sheltered. They read only Christian books, and their only exposure to non-Christian arguments comes from Christian “How to answer when someone makes this argument at you” books, which means that the arguments stated are easily defeated and get no opportunity for rebuttal. So a lot of Christians really, genuinely believe that they have solid arguments that will make atheists, or believers in other religions, rethink their views.

    Also, as Sarge says, that whole “my word is like a hammer” thing. They are taught that we all have some level of awareness of the True God, so often their hope is that their words will light a spark or break down a wall or whatever. They don’t actually have to convince us, they just have to trigger our realization that we have believed, deep down, all along.

  • http://www.atheistrev.com vjack

    I think that many truly believe that they may convert us. I know that sounds absurd, but just look at everything else they believe.

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  • Diana

    I used to be a Christian, but I don’t remember even hearing the term Atheist during that time…It was almost as if the moment I heard the word, Atheist, and discovered its meaning, I was instantly saved (from religion).

    I’d spent my younger years feeling tormented and scared because my religion didn’t make sense and put me down (as a woman). I cried myself to sleep, I was that terrified of hell. I had nightmares almost every night. I had a dream that I gave birth to a dead baby one night. god said it was my punishment for doubting him…I woke up crying, believing that I was damning my own unborn child because I couldn’t make sense of the gibberish in the bible…

    I’m trying to remember where I first heard the term, Atheism…I believe it was from Sam Harris…But since then I’ve de-converted nearly all my friends and many of my family members to be Atheist or Agnostic…

    So, maybe Christian’s badger us to test themselves. If an Atheist would have approached me any time in my youth I would have folded like a deck of cards, and I would have had a much happier childhood…

    That’s why I believe that Atheists who keep their logic to themselves are selfish… Maybe Christians who are happy in their ignorance feel the same way…If they don’t at least try, then they’re doing you a great disservice…maybe

    …Or they could just be jerks, trying to sit on their high horse and tell us and thing or two about a thing or two… lol

  • Mike

    Usually they think that I know very little about their religion. They always have a funny reaction when I tell them the reason I don’t believe in Christianity is cause I actually know more about it than when I did as a “believer” since I knew close to nothing about it. The Bible’s a really powerful tool against itself. It ends up with me asking if they’ve ever read the entire thing themselves. Have yet to receive “yes” as an answer. I tell them it’s a pretty cool book and I recommend it to them if they’re ever willing to actually think about their religion instead of blindly following what other people say about it who also have never read it themselves.

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