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Christians Don’t Really Believe in God

I often hear the argument from Christians that because I spend so much time thinking about and arguing against their imaginary deity, I must secretly believe. One Christian even told me yesterday, that I haven’t sufficiently convinced him that I was an atheist (as if I had to convince him I don’t believe). So it occurred to me that Christians haven’t actually convinced me that they really do believe.

For example, Christians don’t live as if they actually believe. When it comes to death, they don’t seem to want to die any more than atheists do. One would think that if they really believed that they would go to Heaven and be in bliss with God for all eternity, that they would do everything short of suicide to get there. Instead, they lock their doors at night and even take more medical procedures to prolong their lives than atheist do.

Christians believe that their God is all-powerful, but they act like he needs their help to do everything. Why do Christians bother to proselytize at all? If they really believed, they would leave it up to God to convince people that he is real.

Also, aside from a few Christians who rely on prayer alone to heal the sick (to their obvious detriment) most Christians don’t seem to have much faith in God’s divine plan for them. Instead, they go to the doctor like everyone else as an attempt to change God’s divine plan for them. Obviously they don’t really believe.

Back in the day, people swore on the Bible because they really feared lying before God. This would damn them to Hell to be tortured for all eternity, but today Christians lie just as often (if not more often) than atheists without fear of eternal damnation. I don’t think Christians have really convinced me they believe this crap which has more plot holes than a Michael Bay movie.

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  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    Since most Christians don’t read the bible I Wouldn’t be surprised that most of them are worshipping Baal by mistake.

  • mikespeir

    I think there are some who really believe, but they’re a woeful minority. And they would never admit it, even to themselves. I know that the last few years of my Christian life I would have become very angry if anyone had suggested I didn’t really believe. And yet, when I look back on that time I realize I was struggling to make myself believe again.

    One of the best evidences that their belief isn’t real is just what you said: they don’t live as though they believe. Sure, nobody’s perfect. I would expect even the true believer to mess up now and again, but so many don’t even seem to be trying. And how many are working at saving others? I mean, really, if they believed their friends and neighbors were truly in danger of missing Heaven, they wouldn’t eat or sleep until they had pestered everybody they came in contact with. I don’t see a lot of evidence of that.

  • kirk

    Just ask a believer in belief if the god they pray to will ever tell other people what you prayed for. After they recover from this epileptic fit (rapid eye blinking – slack facial muscles…) ask them why (or why not) this god of theirs would do such a thing.

    Ask people who pray why they don’t draw diagrams or take photos of what they want so that god can not only hear but also see what they desire. Then ask if god can be heard after prayer to positively confirm that it is not the devil who is giving them a winning lottery ticket to fuel a crack pipe fueled debauch (since that is what happens to most lottery $).

    Ask if they have seen god and could describe it so that you could know what he looks like. If it’s tangible (a bright light) as why a seizure or a blinding migraine is definitely not god. If it’s a sunset or a flower blooming – tell them they have only described Spinoza and Einstein’s god (the laws of nature = god)

    I have started doing this and it is like watching windows reboot on an old PC.

  • mj

    I agree that the actions of christians do not reflect the basic beliefs they claim to have, but I think many of them do believe in some kind of invisible sky-daddy.

    As to swearing on the bible, I always found that somewhat amusing as it says in the bible not to do it. (Mat. 5:34-37)

  • Sarge

    Most people, it seems to me, that most of the “faithful believe in believing. Sort of a free-flowing kid game of pretend. “This” (meaning life and its pains and joys has to be for “Something”, so they say.

    They are just afraid. This is it, and they can’t accept that. The people who caused them pain will be “getting away” with doing it, and we’ll all be dead forever. I can just hear Vizzini shouting, “In con ceeevable! Un Ack septable!”
    So they accept the rather limited terms of “Pacal’s Wager” and roll the dice in a very rigged game.

    The church my parents used to drag me to had a once-a-month thing on Sunday evening services, my father was a deacon there.
    Anyone who felt themselves “moved by the spirit” could come up and “Testify” or ask for a prayer. All, since the “Voice of God” was, presumably, coming from their mouths.
    But once I heard my father tell my mother that a certain person was usually physically blocked from approaching the pulpit (there was a passage behind the sanctuary you had to use), and that he “might be going to hell for this”, but they couldn’t “allow” her to go up.
    So much for the “Voice of God”. And if he was really concerned, I doubt he would have done such a thing.

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  • Paul K

    My dominant emotion as a christian was “fear”. I was enveloped into a giant whirlwind of fear….fear of being punished by the nuns…fear of confession….fear of missing mass….fear of the consequences of sin…fear of losing my faith….fear of God….you name it. If fear was a rocket fuel, I could have made a non-stop trip around the universe and still be sailing.

    I used to wonder why God didn’t answer my payers ’till I came to the conclusion I was bad and not worthy of his attention. And the more fear I had, the more I was unworthy. It was a viscous cycle. I can speak only for myself, but I believe most Christians “fear” God rather than disbelieve in him because disbelieving is a one way ticket to hell….not worth the risk.

    It took a lifetime for me to overcome that fear and I’m not surprised at all with the title of this piece…”Christians don’t really believe in god”. I would add “.they fear the consequences of non-belief.”

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  • Daniel M.

    I frequent Jason’s blog lousycanuck.ca and I like to think of myself as one of the regular theists over there.

    I find your post interesting simply because there are parts I agree with. You’re right, many Christians (or professing Christians) act as if what they believe isn’t true, but I think that the idea of killing ourselves to be in heaven is a bit misconstrued.

    We don’t believe that the earth is evil and that flesh is evil and we just want to be in an immaterial heaven to be in a quiet spiritual state. This is a huge misunderstanding. In fact, the early Christians often contended with this view during the Arian movement of that time.

    Christians, like Jews, are very interested in the material state of the earth. In fact, we believe in the resurrection “on the last day” where all is restored into perfect state. Our care for this earth is a command of God.

    We have a role and a function in this current world and to kill our selves would misdirect what our purpose is. We aren’t just patiently waiting for heaven as some reward for believing, we are preparing for our place in heaven to continue a life with God.

    Paul above said that his dominant emotion was “fear.” It’s interesting because this isn’t Christianity, it’s a result of a culture we built around Christianity. In fact, Scripture explicitly states

    for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. (2 Tim 1:7)

    The Christian life isn’t centered around what not to do, but rather about what to do. It is a life of action, purpose, and meaning.

    Anything or anyone representing something different simply isn’t representing true Christianity.

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  • lindsay

    atheist sites rock because they presents the FACTS about things . there are so many questions that atheists present that Christians can’t even begin to answer because as the article states, there are so many plot holes, discrepencies, contradictions and things that flat-out just don’t make sense with Christianity. check out the sites “debunking Christianity”, “evilbible.com” and “atheist revolution”. I was reading an article about how even Christians don’t belive prayer on atheist revolution because if they did, they wouldn’t need to board up their windows or evacuate when a hurricane comes. why not let god an take care of it? because even Christians know deep down inside, that there is nothing there to protect them and if they don’t protect themselves, they’re screwed. their actions prove it.