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Christians Don’t Really Believe in God

I often hear the argument from Christians that because I spend so much time thinking about and arguing against their imaginary deity, I must secretly believe. One Christian even told me yesterday, that I haven’t sufficiently convinced him that I was an atheist (as if I had to convince him I don’t believe). So it occurred to me that Christians haven’t actually convinced me that they really do believe.

For example, Christians don’t live as if they actually believe. When it comes to death, they don’t seem to want to die any more than atheists do. One would think that if they really believed that they would go to Heaven and be in bliss with God for all eternity, that they would do everything short of suicide to get there. Instead, they lock their doors at night and even take more medical procedures to prolong their lives than atheist do.

Christians believe that their God is all-powerful, but they act like he needs their help to do everything. Why do Christians bother to proselytize at all? If they really believed, they would leave it up to God to convince people that he is real.

Also, aside from a few Christians who rely on prayer alone to heal the sick (to their obvious detriment) most Christians don’t seem to have much faith in God’s divine plan for them. Instead, they go to the doctor like everyone else as an attempt to change God’s divine plan for them. Obviously they don’t really believe.

Back in the day, people swore on the Bible because they really feared lying before God. This would damn them to Hell to be tortured for all eternity, but today Christians lie just as often (if not more often) than atheists without fear of eternal damnation. I don’t think Christians have really convinced me they believe this crap which has more plot holes than a Michael Bay movie.

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