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More Plot Holes than a Michael Bay Movie

Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in debating with religious people that I actually start to take them seriously. I have to remind myself that despite their insistence that they have a legitimate point of view, their religion is ridiculous and has more plot holes than a Michael Bay movie.

Seriously? Fundamentalist Christians want to argue in favor of talking snakes? The Noah’s Ark story is not only ridiculous, but riddled with plot holes; as is so many of the literal interpretation of Biblical stories.

But it isn’t just the fundamentalist view that is ridiculous and full of plot holes that make Michael Bay look like an Academy Award winning director. The basic story of Christianity in its most mainstream form is ridiculous.

God had to send his son to be murdered so that other people completely unrelated to the story can go to his magic happy land. Come on, really? This is the core of Christianity? And I am supposed to take this story seriously?

Why does God have a son? Why does God need to do anything? Why does God require a blood sacrifice? Why does God require a vicarious blood sacrifice? How can Jesus be crucified if he was immortal? How was it a sacrifice if he knew he would sit on the right hand of God in Heaven for eternity? I can go on all day here. These are ridiculous plot holes.

These are questions that hit right at the core of Christianity and are not aimed at fundamentalists. Mainstream Christians consider the crucifixion of Jesus as the central point of their belief. Like I said, when we talk about fundamentalists, the story gets even more ridiculous, but just taking the essence of Christianity in mind, the last Transformers movie had far less plot holes. Plus, it had Megan Fox.

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