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Turning the Debate into a Joke

The other day, I got an e-mail from an anonymous Christians which was short and to the point. The two word e-mail said, “Jesus Rules.” I was not really in the mood for debate, so I thought I would have some fun with the guy instead. I was surprised that I actually changed the conversation (if you could call it that) completely and had some fun.

Sometimes a Christian doesn’t even take the time to actually write out an argument that I heard a million times before as if he or she just invested it, but rather they just write some short taunt that takes even less thought than the old tired arguments. When this happens I have to respond in kind. So I jokingly responded to the “Jesus Rules” e-mail, by switching the point of reference.

The great comedian Louis C.K. once said that if you have to get into an argument, you shouldn’t get into their argument, but instead make up a new argument. In his stand up, he was caught in traffic and a guy kept honking at him to move. The guy even got out of his car and knocked on his window. He had to get into an argument. He could have tried to rationally explain that there are cars in front of him and if he started driving he would collide, but that wasn’t going to settle this. So he rolled down his window and demanded that the guy return his grandmother’s sweater. The guy had no idea what was going on, so he just walked away and got back in his car.

With this in mind, instead of the Biblical Jesus I decided to talk about a different Jesus. I responded, “Then why do Republicans want to stop him from doing their landscaping?” Part of me thought this would end the “debate” but I was humorously surprised that he responded with, “Because he was not born in the USA.” He actually took the bait and now we have changed the conversation from religion to immigration.

Now comes the tricky part. Now I have to convince him to educate himself and think critically while talking about immigration rather than religion. I think that can be done and I can make my point without him having to fight against his religious indoctrination/brain washing. This is kinda fun and liberating at the same time. So next time a Christian sends you an even less thoughtful message than the usual thoughtless drivel, turn it into a joke instead. Just don’t forget to make your points while having fun.

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