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The Good News

I occurred to me that when atheists message our billboard campaigns and other messaging, we always criticize things that religious people consider to be positive. For example, “Religion is a MYTH.” Many of our twitter messaging is the similar. We talk about how God is imaginary, the Bible is fiction, etc. There is nothing wrong with this approach. I use it all the time. However we have other Good News to deliver too.

I think we should also focus our messaging on things that even religious people have to admit are negative about their own belief system. The Good News is that Hell is Imaginary too. The Devil is a MYTH. And all the wars in the Old Testament where God ordered and protected the Hebrews as they committed mass rape and genocide never actually happened. It’s all fiction.

Who would wish Hell to be real? What Christian would want to defend Satan? Who wouldn’t be relieved to hear that all those people didn’t really die in the Old Testament? It just seems that this type of messaging might cut down a bit on the resistance to our Good News.

We should of course continue with our more common messaging too. This is not a replacement in messaging, but rather an additional type of messaging we should be exploring.

Did you hear the Good News? Hell is Imaginary too! #Tweet it out!

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  • Steve in SA

    While that doesn’t sound like it could be offensive to us, I wonder if it would really be inoffensive to Christians, some of whom seem to like the idea (even depend on it) that the bad people are going to get their punishment in the end.

    But since these ads are really more about contacting others like us, I don’t think it matters either way.

  • Scott

    You know, this is a good idea. I love sneaky approaches to a problem.