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No Intelligence Allowed

While intelligence is no guarantee that someone knows what they are talking about, the fact is that statistics show that the more educated someone is the less likely they are to 1. Vote Republican and 2. Believe in a personified deity. Conversely, the less educated someone is the more likely they are to vote Republican and to believe fundamentally in the Christian God.

Absolutely there are very smart and well educated people who both vote Republican and believe fundamentally in Christianity. However, these statistics alone should at least give well educated Christian Republicans pause.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Statistically speaking the more someone knows the less likely they are to vote Republican and the more someone knows the less likely they are to believe in a personified deity. Sure it is possible that a educated Christian Republican is both smarter and wiser than the majority of educated people, but if you look around at the sea of Christian Republicans are uneducated and in many cases not all that bright, you should consider the possibility that maybe you just might be on the wrong side of these issues.

Who is the stupidest Democrat? When we hear a question like this, what is the first name that jumps into your mind? I can’t think of an obvious answer. Maybe a Republican can. Maybe a Republican will just pick the Democratic flavor of the month without any real reasoning to back it up. That is not what I am talking about. If someone were to ask me who the stupidest Republican is, there would be a multitude of names that jump right out at me. Not to be insulting or anything, but let’s face facts, George W. Bush was not the smartest knife in the draw. Sarah Palin is clearly an idiot. I doubt very much most Republicans would claim that she is some sort of intellect. Michelle Bachman is rapidly moving up the stupidity chart and Bobby Jindal is not far behind. If I took at least a minute or two to think about it, I could probably rattle off some more names, but the point was to see what names jumped out at you.

So while I am not saying that the majority of educated hold a particular view must be correct, I do think it is something to think about and ponder. Why is it that the more people know the less likely they are to be fundamentalist Christians and the less likely they are to be Republicans? Could this be why fundamentalist Christians and Republicans in general oppose better education for the masses?

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  • http://www.myspace.com/agnosticanarch AgnosticAnarch

    Well, duh!


  • http://www.myspace.com/itsahicke Her3tiK

    A few people in my family (and their close friends) thought Palin was “intelligent and articulate”. So, when you think there is a god and he made everything 10,000yrs ago, it is quite possible to consider Palin brilliant.

  • Jim

    Listen to a lot of different radio talk-shows at work. In fact, have listened to Rush off-and-on for about 16 years, along with a few others-mostly right-wing, but a few on the left as well.

    One of the many differences in right-wingers versus Progressives or those on the left—it is in the fact that right-wingers “need” enemies both foreign and domestic to exist. The word “Liberal” has been made into an evil, disgusting, unpatriotic word by most right-wing pundits and their listeners need that daily fix of anger and disgust against this combined force of “liberalism” to put supposed meaning into their lives. Rush, in particular will spend a good 75% of his air time proclaiming the evils of Liberalism to his audience because that’s what they want. Rationality and common sense seems to drift away the more these listeners listen to and start to believe the nonsense. Rupert Murdoch [who is undeniably a brilliant businessman]fashioned his Fox News to cater to this huge need for a conservative slant on the News to appease these people. “Truth” is really what people want to listen to and watch.

    Evangelical Christians in their allegiance to the Republican Party have become a part of all this nonsense and this is one more reason I am convinced that a Church/State Separation is needed—Christian become hypocrites when they support some policies that might be more in line with the Bible but turn a blind eye to others which are supported by Republicans—not in line with the Words of the Bible.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      I have to confess that when I was working, I spent a lot of time listening to Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck (before he went completely ape shit crazy and was just mildly disturbed). But the fact is that most people need enemies to help us organize, liberals included. Obama wouldn’t have won the WH if Bush wasn’t President.

      No Christian fully follows the Bible, Jim. All Christians pick and choose. Whether they are honest enough to admit it is a different story.

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    I was originally republican because I was taught that pro-business was better for the economy as a whole and part of my evil side supports the US “conquest” of the middle east because I personally believe that for the long term development of the world, we need to modernize the middle east thru force because without force, people will stay trapped in the Islamic bronze age and eventually someone else would try to invade that region anyways.

    Africa gets ignored because most of the continent from the Sahara to the south end is composed biomes that are unfavorable to civilization. Sure, the African savanna isn’t too hostile but deserts and rain forests are generally the worst biomes for mankind. Though fertile river valleys within a desert are excellent but rain forests just tend to not be fertile. The middle east however, while being an arid region, has fertile regions and mountains with decent climates. Much of Iran and Afghanistan is actually steppe rather than desert. And these regions have mountains with forests of the temperate variety. And most importantly, the middle east has oil. And this is why the developed areas of the world have interest in making a modernized middle east.

    Anyhow, let me jump back on topic here. It has become clear though that the republican party is full of lies when it comes to criticizing the other party. I no longer am pro-business but we do need to allow the free market to work but we can’t let it get so out of check that a minority of the population controls the vast majority of the money.

    Eventually though, intelligence brings us to the left. However, since the majority of the population is unintelligent, we are held down by the lowest common denominator. So what we need is better education. Humanities should be a required course in high school because the hidden objective of that course is to reveal that religion is bullshit. We also need to require an evolutionary biology course and an astronomy course. Currently, high school teaches earth science, biology (where most of the teachers fail at teaching evolution), and chemistry. There needs to be another biology class that focuses on ecological niches, the Pleistocene extinctions, the fossil record, and the origin of man. Astronomy that teaches the origin of the solar system and the universe is needed.

    High schools should do block scheduling so they can fit 8 classes a year rather than 6 to compensate for additional classes. We teach history so we don’t make the mistakes of the past, but we need to teach the history that happened before Mesopotamia so the general public knows who we are and how we got here. By possessing that knowledge, people will vote more smartly.

    • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

      Oh yeah, Humanities all the way! That’s what freed my mind. You can’t get too far into Psychology and Sociology without questioning whatever religion you believe in.

      I would love to see a course in deductive reasoning at the grade school level.

      God= unlimited power. unlimited intelligence

      God= wants to be worships or else…a petty and selfish quality

      God= makes people immortal/ later takes away immortality because they ate a fruit he said they shouldn’t eat…

      Reasoning= none, it was a silly unimportant rule that has no logic to it and no meaning behind it.

      Questions that arise= Why should a god care what we consume for energy? How does it help or hinder the progression of man kind? Why did the fruit come from a “tree of knowledge” why was it the female that believed a talking snake?

      This story is clearly degrading to women and in support of an ignorant populous. It makes no logical sense.

      Deductive reasoning supports that this story was derived from an ancient unintelligent people and used to instill obedience and fear.

      Yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is bull shit of the finest quality.

      I want to help get our children on the right path. I’m considering taking the steps to becoming a teacher. I already have a BA, now, all I need is a teaching license

  • Azadeth

    There are some people who say I should have sympathy for these types, that they’re not stupid, they’re just brainwashed. Well that’s probably true in a way…hell, like most atheists in the US, I was once brought up to be religious too, and I was pretty conservative.

    But I was too smart for it to stick. I really do think that it takes a degree of stupidity to ignore or not see all of the contradictions in the bible or all of the fear tactics and other sleazy plots that Republicans in particular are so fond of. Yes, I have to think that if I can do it, others should be able to as well.

  • Kat

    Who is the stupidest Democrat? Rod Blagojevich.

    I’ve come across alot of dumb well educated people and some very bright uneducated people…I’m not so sure just having an education qualifies someone to be smart.You have to have common sence and a lot of people on both sides, don’t.

    • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

      Yeah, I see this too.

      I like to think of myself as an enlightener…such as I am. I have a process that I use that helps people break from religion…and I’m currently working on one fore republicans, but I’m still trying to find a cognitive process that with trigger the degradation of hate values and “us vs. them” thinking. But, in any case, my Mother is incredibly intelligent. She has an IQ of 160 and has several degrees, and yet, she believes in the Christian’s god…well, she used to believe in the Christian god. I broke her of that nasty habit with some simple conversation and a couple informative videos, but she still believes there must be a god…

      She seems to think that there absolutely has to be some form of intelligent design behind the universe. She’s like the smartest mud puddle on the road, who is just utterly thankful to the creator of her whole, which seems to have been built just for her…

      So, yeah, educated doesn’t always equal intelligent…but, it makes for a real good foundation! I was trying to explain to her the concept of magical thinking…it went a bit over her head.

      • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

        IQ of 160? Holy crap! Last time I tested I got 137 but that was years ago. I believe it to be higher with all the new mental exercises I have done since that test. My main strength though is the ability to memorize alot of information along with my habit of maxing out my knowledge on a particular subject just for fun (which is incomprehensible to most people since they think learning is boring).

        But we all know the design of religion is to hold everyone under it’s grip. As you talk about above, genesis teaches us that knowledge is evil. The snake used to be the symbol of wisdom so talking to the symbol of wisdom plus eating from the tree of knowledge results in damning everyone. And they manage to put this bible lesson in the first chapter so people would be too afraid to question the later chapters. I should read further into the bible so I can rip apart the rest of it.

  • matt

    I think your the stupidest democrat staks.

    Hehe, jk :P

  • Gordon

    I don’t think it’s a matter of intelligence or education. There are quite a few intelligent, educated Republicans. Look at people like Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, William F. Buckley, etc.

    What they lack is a developed social conscience. There is a concept called the Circle of Empathy that basically attempts to describe how far you can stretch from your own personal identity to feel empathy for others.

    Conservatives have a very small Circle of Empathy. If you are just like them (racially, economically, religiously or whatever), they feel empathy for you. But if you are different, they dismiss you and your experiences as insignificant, ESPECIALLY if legitimizing those experiences would mean that they would need to change their behavior in some way.

    I think there is also a distinction to be made between intelligence and cunning. Bush was cunning but he wasn’t intelligent.