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No Intelligence Allowed

While intelligence is no guarantee that someone knows what they are talking about, the fact is that statistics show that the more educated someone is the less likely they are to 1. Vote Republican and 2. Believe in a personified deity. Conversely, the less educated someone is the more likely they are to vote Republican and to believe fundamentally in the Christian God.

Absolutely there are very smart and well educated people who both vote Republican and believe fundamentally in Christianity. However, these statistics alone should at least give well educated Christian Republicans pause.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Statistically speaking the more someone knows the less likely they are to vote Republican and the more someone knows the less likely they are to believe in a personified deity. Sure it is possible that a educated Christian Republican is both smarter and wiser than the majority of educated people, but if you look around at the sea of Christian Republicans are uneducated and in many cases not all that bright, you should consider the possibility that maybe you just might be on the wrong side of these issues.

Who is the stupidest Democrat? When we hear a question like this, what is the first name that jumps into your mind? I can’t think of an obvious answer. Maybe a Republican can. Maybe a Republican will just pick the Democratic flavor of the month without any real reasoning to back it up. That is not what I am talking about. If someone were to ask me who the stupidest Republican is, there would be a multitude of names that jump right out at me. Not to be insulting or anything, but let’s face facts, George W. Bush was not the smartest knife in the draw. Sarah Palin is clearly an idiot. I doubt very much most Republicans would claim that she is some sort of intellect. Michelle Bachman is rapidly moving up the stupidity chart and Bobby Jindal is not far behind. If I took at least a minute or two to think about it, I could probably rattle off some more names, but the point was to see what names jumped out at you.

So while I am not saying that the majority of educated hold a particular view must be correct, I do think it is something to think about and ponder. Why is it that the more people know the less likely they are to be fundamentalist Christians and the less likely they are to be Republicans? Could this be why fundamentalist Christians and Republicans in general oppose better education for the masses?

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