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The Public Option No One Can Opt Into

So I watched the President’s big speech last night and some of the reactions that followed. The President complimented the Republicans and even took many of their ideas and put them in his plan. He scaled back the Public Option so that it is only an option for those who can’t afford to pay for health insurance from the health insurance companies. The President estimates that to be less than 5%. He also took the Republicans “suggestion” that health insurance be mandatory so that every American will need to buy health insurance from the large health insurance monopoly.

While the President claimed this is similar to car insurance, it is not. People who don’t want to drive a car don’t have to pay car insurance. Many Americans opt out of the car insurance racket by taking the public option of public transportation. Some Americans even opt out of car insurance by taking some form of private transportation like trains, planes, taxis, etc.

In any case, the Republicans got a lot of the things they wanted. So how did they thank the President for rolling over and lining the pockets of the big insurance companies? You guessed it. Congressman Wilson from South Carolina heckled him during his speech by yelling, “You liar!” This wasn’t some townhall event nor was the distinguished gentleman from South Carolina some country bumpkin fooled by watching hours of FoxNews and Glen Beck… oh wait, never mind. In any case, I doubt very much that Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and what ever other ass-clown the Republicans put on TV or Radio are going to think Obama did them this great favor. I bet the farm that they will attack this speech and the President even though he caved in on almost every demand they made.

So what did the progressive movement get from the President? We are after all the reason he is in office. Let’s not forget that Obama was able to fool a lot of progressives into thinking he was the next Robert Kennedy. Obama even fooled Robert’s little brother Teddy into thinking that Obama was a progressive and was really going to reform healthcare. This is what Obama said to the progressive movement, “There are those on the left who believe that the only way to fix the system is through a single-payer system like Canada’s, where we would severely restrict the private insurance market and have the government provide coverage for everybody.” He continues, “Since health care represents one-sixth of our economy, I believe it makes more sense to build on what works and fix what doesn’t, rather than try to build an entirely new system from scratch.”

In other words, the President didn’t even address the idea of expanding Medicare for every American either gradually or all at once. This wouldn’t be an entirely new system from scratch, but would be taking the Medicare system which millions of Americans over the age of 65 enjoy and expanding it to cover everyone. Instead, he just said that the health care industry is too big to fail, so let’s make it even bigger by making health insurance mandatory and not providing a valid public option to compete with it and help to drive costs down and improve service.

No competition! That is what Obama basically said in his speech. The thing is that he started off by saying, “I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last.” Really? I don’t believe that is true. We will have to continue this fight with a stronger leader in the future. Personally, I am tired of these retarded “Blue Dog Democrats” who have sold America out to the big health insurance monopoly. I think it is time that the “Steel Balls Democrats” to start kicking some ass.

Now keep in mind that this plan will go into effect (if passed) in 2012. Just in time for a Presidential election! What a coincidence. Do you think President Obama realized that? OF COURSE!!!

Now on to the Republican rebuttal. Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany decided to write his rebuttal before reading the President’s speech apparently. He couldn’t even read the teleprompter well. Don’t get me wrong, he probably did better than I would, but I am not giving the rebuttal to the President of the United States on national… no global television and internet.

Boustany kept calling for a bipartisan plan, but had he actually read the President’s speech or listened to it before he offered his rebuttal, he would have seen that the President did offer a bipartisan plan… sort of. He offered a Republican plan with a few Democratic concessions thrown in. Then this ass-clown says that he wanted Obama to tell Pelosi and Reid (two moderate Democrats) to fuck off. Really? Caving in and giving the Republicans almost everything they want wasn’t enough, he actually wanted the President to bitch-slap his fellow Democrats… oh wait, Obama did pretty much bitch-slap his fellow Democrats. Boustany also repeated the lie that the President’s plan would add billions to the debt. Obama made it clear that he would not sign any plan that would increase the debt more than a dime.

It should be noted that the Republicans picked Boustany because he is also a Doctor. However, the Republicans must have had the John McCain vetting team, because this guy is crazy! Not only does he think Obama isn’t a US Citizen, but he also was sued three times for malpractice as a physician.

As for the President, he said it himself, “Now is the season for action,” “Now’s the time to deliver on health care.” So Mr. President, are you going to take action and deliver on real health care or are you going to be a big pussy and the bitch of the health insurance monopoly?

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