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Why Do Christians Hate Science?

When it comes to science, so many Christians are quick to point out how scientists don’t know everything or how science gets it all wrong. They push to put their Creationist beliefs into science classes, argue against scientific research on stem-cells, and on global climate change. They just seem to hate science.

Of course, not all Christians are anti-science and but according to the last Harris Interactive Poll on this issue, over one-third of Americans support Creationism and more than half reject the well established scientific theory of evolution. Those are not small numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really think that this means that Christians hate science, but it does seem only fair to say so since whenever I criticize the doctrines of Christianity I often get asked by Christians, why do I hate Christians or God or something. So I think it is important to draw attention to this type of faulty (and illogical) reasoning.

Obviously, every Christian and every person in the modern world relies on science every day. If you are reading this blog, you are doing so entirely because science has allowed us to harness electricity and to create computers and the internet. When we get sick, the science of medical technology and drugs helps us to get better. The cars we drive, the homes we live in, and even some of the foods we eat are all products of science.

Still, a large number of Christians claim that bronze-aged fiction is a better guide to knowledge than the scientific method. How we know what we know and to what degree we know it is the issue here. Science takes us on a journey which enables us to understand the world we live in step by step. Science doesn’t have all the answers, but it knows that and so it is one step further than faith will ever be.

Yet, seventy-five percent of Americans believe in miracles (which for the record is the suspension of the natural laws of physics by a supernatural deity). Considering that only eighty percent of Americans are Christians, this amounts to almost all Christians in the country. I wonder how many Christians believe we can just know things without science but rather through some divine intuition or through faith alone.

Religions took us into the dark ages and science pulled us out. Science builds buildings and religion flies airplanes into them.

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  • 1225truth

    The ROOT of the problem is that even many “moderate” Christians place higher provenance in their “sacred” literature than anything else. scriptus sanctorum

    People who cannot distinguish between history and mythology, by extension, will not show a proper regard for, or otherwise embrace scientific method, ~ hence, the specialty of our MySpace (and soon facebook) profile.

    Happy Darwin Day!

  • qwertyuiop

    Those are not small numbers.

    Those numbers are downright disgraceful.

  • http://www.myspace.com/rothtalltales Tralf

    Science is the ever-constricting hand squeezing religion out of business. God used to explain practically everything. Now God explains practically nothing. We live in a strange time, when we know so much about the universe yet, as a species, are loathe to shed the childish quaint safety blanket of religion because it still holds some measure of comfort, even if that comfort is borne of falsehoods.

    The battle of religion vs. science is a struggle for survival. If intellect wins, religion will disappear and humanity will thrive. If the opposite comes to pass, another Dark Age shall soon grip us all, assuming the original ever ended.


  • Rick Miller

    Science builds buildings and religion flies airplanes into them.

    That’s a quote to remember.

  • Rick Miller

    It’s not just “religion” though. Science contends with ignorance, gullibility, superstition and bind faith. Is there a name for all of that together?

    • Rick Miller

      Oh, and against fraud.

  • http://www.javaflix.com george dougherty

    i think there is new kind of christian out there who isn’t so afraid of science. i think you hint at that in your post by saying not all christians are this or that. a lot of science informs my faith(an admitted christian). heck evolution seems to be the most logical set of circumstances. i just happen to think god was involved in that process. cant science and religion be friends?

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      No, becomes of a little something called Occam’s Razor.

  • JaxksMaximus

    I seriously can’t stand it. I fucking hate religious people when it comes to science. My family is strongly religious and I have nothing against what other people believe but it’s fucking hypocrisy that I can’t stand.
    I have to believe in your religion because of faith and if I ask for facts and proof you laugh and call me a biggot. But when science has a strong theory that’s not 100% true all religious people can say is “its not proven”. If you want to teach said theories then you need proof but you want religion to be taught on faith.
    You read about out universe and it’s all based of “to the best of our knowledge” and “what we know it to be now” because science is always scratching the unknown. All a religious person can do is mock it and laugh saying “see they don’t really know” when there whole life is built around faith.

    Stop demanding proof because science is already searching for it with out you, while you hide behind story books and point to the sky with your eyes closed when someone asked you for proof.

  • Gavin Dyer

    I don’t really hate religion itself, I actually find it a interesting and rather complex concept (even though I do not believe in or support religion), I hate the people that try to force everyone else to believe them, and boy isn’t it god darn annoying