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Our System is Broken

I always knew Obama was an appeaser and didn’t really buy into his hype (although I voted for him and supported him in the general election). But now he has done the opposite of hope for me. He has disheartened me and discouraged me in relation to politics today. I don’t really see the point any more.

Our system is fundamentally broken and none of our representatives actually represent their constituents any more. Now they only represent the large corporations which have paid them the most money. Even the Democrats are bought off. Almost every politician in office should be impeached on charges of bribery. This is ridiculous and it has gotten out of control.

Regulatory organizations are not only being gutted by the corporate controlled congress, but many of the very regulators assigned to police these corporations and Wall Street bankers end up getting high paying jobs after they leave as a bribe to look the other way while they are regulators.

For a while, I thought we could just use our vote as a hostage to get our representatives and even our President to start cracking down on this stuff. That isn’t really going to work. There will always be large groups of Democrats who will give away their hostage right away without any expectation of getting their demands met. In fact this is so expected that the President is actually basing his entire reelection campaign around that very strategy.

There are also always going to be a large number of stupid Americans who vote for the craziest candidates because they too are crazy and/or stupid. But Democrats seem to be stupid too these days. Our candidates aren’t all that much better and now some of the craziness of the Republicans has started to filter into our candidates too. For example, there is a Democrat running for local county office in my area who is a Creationist.

Oddly enough, it was Sarah Palin who called out the corporate bribery in politics today when she said, “What if anything do their donors expect in return for their investments… Our country can’t afford more trillion dollar thank you notes to campaign backers.” But we still can’t forget her money making scheme of buying mass amounts of her own book with her PAC money and then giving it out to candidates. Still how did Sarah Palin become the voice of the people?

So what do we do to fix the system? I really don’t know any more. I don’t even know if I will bother voting. All the candidates are on the take and it is just a matter of degrees now. Perhaps it has to get worse in order to get better. With that in mind, I might just have to vote for the craziest candidate and hope they just don’t kill us all. Maybe is a Republican wins, the Democrats who would normally be opposed to our current policies would be more motivated to do something instead of giving Obama the pass they wouldn’t have given to Bush on the same policies.

Look, if you have a better idea please let me know. I really don’t see any hope for change any more short of some sort of violent revolution… which I oppose for now. So, don’t complain to me that the Republicans would be worse. Duh, I know that. But unless the people reach a breaking point we aren’t going to do anything. So maybe worse is better. I’m open to alternatives. Suggestions?

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