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Patriot Day Sale… Ground Zero Prices

Last week, I was listening to a talk radio show in which the host commented about how the title, “Patriot Day” commercializes and trivializes the tragedy of that day. He imagined commercials advertising for Patriot Day clearance sales. But after the events of 9/11, I think America did sell out.

I remember the days after these tragic events I thought that the world was in a position of transition. I even thought that humanity itself might be in such a position. I thought that such a tragedy could inspire people to be better and rise to a new level of consciousness. We could say, “Never again” and work toward being better people. We could embrace the best of humanity paving the way for a Star Trek type future. That was pretty naïve.

Instead, we sold out and became worse people. We became quick to war, more judgmental of people who were different, more isolationistic, less compassionate, and more accepting of torture… among other things. Worse yet, we tried to fight religious conviction with more religious conviction.

I remember all the signs that went up everywhere declaring, “God Bless America,” “God Loves America,” and “In God We Trust.” Very few signs actually had the positive messages I was hoping for like, “United We Stand,” or “E Pluribus Unum.”

After 9/11, America sold out to religion and this country has gone downhill ever since.

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