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Closing Thoughts About 9/11

Unless you have been in a cryogenic sleep, you are no doubt aware that yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The day has been dubbed by then President Bush as Patriot Day. Over the last few days, me and just about everyone else had a lot of things to say about this […]

The Infamous 9/11 Joke

Over the years, I have often repeated a joke to friends which was told to me on 9/11. The joke is horribly offensive however I do enjoy offensive humor and this joke in particular meant a lot to me at the time. So it being the tenth anniversary of that terrible day, I thought it […]

Patriot Day Sale… Ground Zero Prices

Last week, I was listening to a talk radio show in which the host commented about how the title, “Patriot Day” commercializes and trivializes the tragedy of that day. He imagined commercials advertising for Patriot Day clearance sales. But after the events of 9/11, I think America did sell out. I remember the days after […]

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