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Should Atheists Support Obama’s Current SCOTUS Pick?

Last night, Obama made his pick for the replacement of Supreme Court Justice Paul Stevens. His pick is Elena Kagan, the current Solicitor General. Is it a good pick? Should we as atheists be supporting her?

Earlier today I wrote an article of the Examiner page talking about Elena Kagan’s record on church/state issues. It is mixed and she has a reputation of being a moderate. It is still too early to tell whether or not we as a community ought to support her. Many atheists will not support her simply because of politics. Believe it or not there are actually right wing Republican atheists who will not support any nominee Obama puts forward.

But for the more liberal minded atheists (which is most of us), I still a not convinced she is the right choice. It seems that Obama just wants the Republicans to vote for his pick so he can pat himself on the back for being bi-partisan.

As I wrote in the Examiner article, I fear she would reverse Judge Crabb’s position on the National Day of Prayer and rule against us on other issues of separation of church and state.

Please weigh in and let’s have the discussion.

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