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Choice Between Truth and God

It is pretty common for Christians to claim that God is Truth. What they mean by this isn’t that God is simply a true, but rather that God is actually a synonym for Truth. In other words, to say that God is false would be like saying that the Bachelor is a married man. It simply doesn’t make sense.

So before a Christian can even entertain the possibility that God might not be true, he or she has to think of God as something separate from Truth. They have to realize that God is simply a proposition like any other claim.

Then, the Christian has to make a choice; are they more committed to the truth or to their God? It doesn’t even matter if to the Christian this is just a hypothetical question, as long as they can understand that it is a valid question and that God is not a synonym for Truth. It is only then that a Christian can even consider the possibility that God might be false.

Once they choose their loyalty, then the real fun can begin. Most Christians will go with Truth. Then they will tell you that while they value truth above God, God is true so they got it covered. This is where an atheist can bring up Anselm’s definition of God (that which nothing greater could be conceived). The Christian has put Truth above God and so God is no longer God. Also, now that the Christian acknowledges that Truth is more important than God, the atheist can start showing the flaws in the God of the Bible and in the evidence against the Bible.

If the Christian claims that their loyalty is to God above the Truth, then they have a whole new set of problems. Such a claim shows insecurity on the part of the Christian. It shows that they Christian doesn’t really care if God is true or not and therefore implies that they don’t really believe God is true or at the very least are just not secure in that view. This view implies that as long as God is useful, it doesn’t matter if he is true or not.

This view also opens up the door to make any claim and call it true because truth doesn’t really matter. All that really matters to the Christian in this case is the dogmatic belief in their God whether it is true or not. In other words, the Christian has admitted to being in a cult.

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