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President With Guts

During the presidential primary, I was one of a few progressives warning everyone that Obama was a moderate at best. One campaigner told even told me that he thought Obama was the next Robert Kennedy. Sadly that seems unlikely.

On just about every issue Obama has let down his progressive base and continues to try to get Republicans to like him. The thought that we will be stuck with Obama for six more years is scary, but the scarier part is that the Republicans may get Sarah Palin or some other wack-job in office because Obama has lost his base.

For the good of the country, we can’t let Obama go unchallenged in his re-election campaign. It is time for the progressives in the country to run someone against Obama during the primary. If for no other reason it could light a fire under Obama’s ass and get him to actually do stuff.

While I love Kucinch, his image has been tarnished beyond repair. Kucinich might be able to make Senator, but I don’t think he could beat Obama in a primary even with Obama’s low approval rating and he certainly wouldn’t be able to beat the Republicans in the general election. The best chance we have to beat Obama in the Primary and to win in the general election is Congressman Alan Grayson.

Grayson, is a strong progressive in a right wing congressional district. Despite the fact that every Republican talking head is gunning for him and he lives in a strong Republican district, he seems to be in little danger of losing his seat. It seems that Grayson has discovered the formula for political success… guts.

To help persuade Grayson to run in a primary against Obama, I have started a facebook group. The way these things work is that we need at least a million people to join this group so that the media takes notice. Grayson will probably only run if he sees that there are large numbers of people who want him to run. So please join this group and spread the word.

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  • Sarge

    Glad to see someone else was paying attention, too.

    Personally, the only difference I saw between him and any of the others was the ammount of melanin in his rind.

    Every once in a while I’d figure, “maybe we’ve got something, here”, but when his camp was finally pinned down on anything, the answer was that he was “pragmatic”.

    Experience has enabled me to translate this to “he’ll sell you out”.

    But what do we expect? No one is going to actually get within sniffing distance of power if they aren’t already “in the game” and the real powers that be aren’t sure that the status remains pretty much quo.
    Oh, they’ll vent the pot periodiclly to keep the cooker from exploding, but that’s about it.

  • Jeff

    Do you mean you want a President who is NUTS?!

    Not only is Grayson responsible for one of the most disgusting bits of demagoguery we’ve seen when he told the American people the Republican health care plan was to “Die Quickly” (apparently he was completely ignorant of HR 3218 among others) not only did he lie when he said 45,000 people die annually from lack of health coverage.

    Not only did this scumbag who is worth 31 million dollars lie when he said the Republican plan for dealing with unemployment was to sell your art collection or your yacht (the Republicans just wanted make sure the extended ridiculous benefits were paid for) but he is both insane and has no understanding of the government.

    Here is the nutcase interrupting a meeting at Perkins then whining about being interrupted:


    Here’s were he demonstrates that he doesn’t understand what currency exchange means:


    This guy is both dumb,and despicable yet like a good little tyrant you want him to employ more government coercion over peoples lives.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I think Grayson is exactly right about the Republican Health Care Plan.

    Don’t try to feed me this bullshit about Republicans wanting to pay for shit. Do you really want to go through the list of all the things that the Borrow and Spend Republicans don’t care to pay for? If you buy into that rhetoric, then you are the dumb one, not Alan Grayson.