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The Mysterious Atheist White House Briefing

Despite President Obama’s rhetoric about transparency in government, the White House has made the delegates from the Secular Coalition of America (SCA) take an oath of secrecy.

I have talked about this more in my Examiner article which I hope everyone will check out. But I want to say a bit more about this issue. Since we don’t know what the White House has actual said with regard to our issues we have to infer from their past performance.

The Obama Administration has continually promised the gay community change on several issues and yet to date, none of those policies have actually changed. With regard to atheist issues, it is unlikely that the Obama Administration will make any of the changes which they may or may not have promised.

What we as a community need to do is to make sure that our voice is heard. We can do this in two ways. First, we can continue to bombard the White House with our concerns. They have a contact page and I would recommend using it. For simplicity sake, I would recommend that we stick with the message that the SCA brought to the White House briefing: Child abuse and neglect by religious parents, military proselytizing, and ending government funding of faith-based initiatives. Okay that last one I tweaked a little.

Second, we should attempt to meet with our representatives in congress and our senators… in person if possible. If not, then I recommend a snail mail letter. E-mail letters ought to be the last resort.

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