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I Hate God

Often times when Christians find out that I am an atheist, they will ask me why I hate God. Usually I inform these Christians of the obvious by asking them how I could hate something that I just said I don’t believe even exists? This rarely satisfies them and maybe they are right. After thinking about it a little, I can now honestly say that I really do hate God.

I hate God on two levels. First I hate the character of God as he is portrayed in the Bible. God is a villainous character who claims to be the hero of the story. He does horrible things like order rape, murder, and genocide just to name a few. God is a character that any moral person ought to hate. He just seems like such as asshole and a character that the audience is supposed to hate.

On the other hand though, sometimes villains are cool characters. Darth Vader is an awesome villain and so is his master, Emperor Palpatine. I love those villains even though they do hateful things.

This brings me to the second reason why I hate God; the literary reason. God is not a well written character at all. He has no motivation. We don’t know why God does all the horrible things he does and we don’t really understand where the character is coming from. We can’t identify with God at all.

God is a chaotic character but not in the same sense as the Dark Knight’s Joker. The Joker’s motivation was chaos, but that is more of a motive than the character of God. The character is just so poorly written and so evil and yet the audience is expected to love him and even worship him.

I can understand how a character like the Joker can seem cool and gain followers because of his style and attitude, but God has no style at all and his attitude just doesn’t seem interesting at all. He seems like a little bratty baby at times and even that is giving the character far more depth than the character actually has.

In conclusion, I hate God because the character is a hateful, evil, asshole of a character. I also hate God because he is a poorly written character with no style or depth. The writers of the Bible clearly suffered from a lack of imagination.

Oh, I don’t want to leave out the Holy Spirit. I hate the Holy Spirit too. That character is not even really needed for the story and serves no purpose whatsoever.

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