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Is it Santorum’s Turn?

I love this election season’s Republican candidates. They are so entertaining. Everyone knows that Mitt Romney is going to be their candidate and even they don’t like him. So week after week, one of the other clowns takes their turn beating him in the polls. This week just might be Santorum’s week.

First, it really looked like “The Donald” would be a tough challenge for Romney. But that was pretty much a joke. So then Bachmann captured the soul of the Religious Right. That was a fun time for everyone except Buchmann and her gay husband. Rick Perry drew his wit and lost. Some still consider Perry to be a threat, but he pretty much lost the religious. As wacko as he is, they think he is too liberal.

The current champion is Herman Cain who no one really takes seriously despite being the current front runner. His 9-9-9 pizza plan is ridiculous. It lowers taxes on the super-rich and raises them on the poor. Aside from being a GOP wet dream, it has zero chance of passing and his gamble to make it the center-piece of his campaign will obviously fail. Plus, it is doubtful that the Tea Party would ever vote for a black man.

Huntsman took a gamble of his own yesterday by purposely skipping the debate in protest. Maybe it will pay off for him, but I doubt it. I like Huntsman the most out of the Republicans and I am routing for him to win their primary, but it won’t happen.

Santorum had a good night last night though. He jabbed with Romney, Perry, and all the rest. He focused on defense and family. His strongest moment was his claim that he could win Pennsylvania which would put a Republican over the top in the Electoral College votes. Republicans might just eat that shit up. Send a frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex into a debate and he comes out a king shit.

So my prediction is that Santorum will take his turn as a frontrunner. He may not be ahead on Romney, but he will be right up there for about a week or two.

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