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Demand Secular!

For the last few weeks, there have been some pretty big protests going on in the Middle East. Governments have fallen as a result. Twitter and Facebook were key weapons for the rebel groups. I think it is type that some kind of protest starts here in America. I think it is time we demand secular!

America is already a secular nation… technically. However, in many European nations candidates for public office and public officials would not dare speak about religion out of fear of seeming presumptuous and disingenuous.

In America however, one must be religious in order to convince people they are moral. The more religious one pretends to be the greater their chance of winning an election. This is why former President George W. Bush said that his favorite philosopher was Jesus, John Kerry cared a Bible, and Mitt Romney talks about God a lot, but tried to play down his Mormonism. This is also why people like Sarah Palin. Mike Huckabee, and Michele Bachmann are even on the political map.

It is time we demand secular! I don’t know how this type of revolution is to take place, be I know we need one. I know we need to use Twitter and Facebook and Demand Secular! Let’s show American politicians that Americans voters will no longer tolerate the “God” card in politics.

Liberal Christians can join this fight with us. The Separation of Church and State protects them too. We need to get people thinking differently and this type of twitter revolution may be the best way to do it. Spread the word, we’re coming! #DemandSecular

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