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Best of Dangerous Talk

I have been writing the Dangerous Talk daily blog almost every weekday for two years. Before that, I wrote the daily blog on MySpace for about another two years. That’s a lot of blogs. Within the past few days, I have been reminded about some of my older blog entries that I really love. So I thought today, I would talk about some of those blog entries.

Before I get started, I wanted to say that one of the reasons why I started blogging was so I wouldn’t have to keep addressing the same topics over and over again. I could simply use Dangerous Talk as a resource and point people to blog entries I wrote on the topic already.

A few days ago, a fellow atheist started to tell me about how a small group of wealthy families have been trying to take over the world and create a “New World Order.” I immediately referred him to a blog entry I wrote awhile back. I thought about writing a new entry about it, but after re-reading what I had previously wrote, I didn’t think I could top it or add anything new to it. So I want to share that blog entry: The New World Order is Coming for You!

During my Examiner exchange with Stephen Drain, he imagined that I said that all Christians were stupid. I told him repeatedly that not only did I not say that, don’t think that is true, and that I actually wrote a blog entry about it. So I want to share that today also: Are Religious Believers Stupid?

Over the weekend, I got into a debate with a friend on facebook about Alcoholics Anonymous. The debate largely took place on my brother’s facebook page and he turned it into a pretty good Examiner article. But this debate reminded me of two blog entries I had written… neither of which is about alcoholism directly. I hope you will check them out: Lead us not in Temptation & Devil’s Due.

The last blog entry I want to share today is a little bit more on the humorous side: Water into Wine? Please!

This is the first time I am doing this type of “best of” and I would be interested to hear if people liked this type of thing every now and then or not. So please share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, if you really like my blogs please consider sharing the links on your social networks and perhaps even… dare I say it… donate:

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