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The New World Order is Coming for You!

It seems that every few months someone sends me a link to a YouTube video (or ten) with important information that I “have” to see. As it turns out, there is a group of rich and powerful people who have been plotting or hundreds of years to take over the world and turn the rest of society into slaves. And guess what? They have very nearly succeeded, but fortunately for us there is a small group of YouTubers fighting back by sitting on their asses and making videos.

You don’t believe me? It’s all true. The Illuminati meet at Bohemian Grove and have been doing so for hundreds of years. They are some of the richest men (no women) in the world and yet for some strange reason they just can’t seem to take over the world. I wonder what they are planning to do once they do take over the world though. After all, they are rich and powerful men, so they already have money and they already have power. What else do they want? I don’t know.

The people who send me this crap are sincere and many of them are atheists who should fucking know better. At the end of the day, the evil Illuminati amount to the same as the Devil or the Boogieman. They are just an innocuous evil force which needs to be fought against by the few who special people needing to find meaning in their lives.

This whole New World Order shit is dangerous. In fact, it is just as dangerous as theistic religion in the sense that it is a delusion which promotes a world divided instead of a humanity united. As technology has advanced, the world has gotten smaller (not literally smaller). The European nations have formed a union and there is greater cooperation between many other nations. As time goes one, the world will eventually unite to form a single government. This is the evolution of humanity as we learn more about good government and how best to allocate resources.

This is a good thing. We will have fewer conflicts over resources and fewer wars. We will have a greater ability to work together for common interests of science, medicine, and space exploration and less of a need to spend exorbitant amounts of money preparing to fight each other. The League of Nations was the start of this process and today we have the United Nations.

The United Nations is not perfect but it serves as a stepping stone for the next step in the evolutionary chain of government. The problem is that these paranoid people are afraid of any kind of world government. They hate the United Nations and continually “warn” that the evil Illuminati are behind this New World Order. And of course the Bible comes into it too despite that fact that at least some of these people are atheists.

This type of delusional thinking impedes the progress of humanity. These people are going around telling people that world peace is not a good idea because it plays right into the hands of the Illuminati. When there is a new medical break through like the H1N1 vaccine, these people shout, “conspiracy!” Vaccines are just another way that the Illuminati will control people. When new technology is developed, the Illuminati will use it to track your every move.

Really, the richest and most powerful men in the world want to know how I spend my day? I find that impossible to believe. I must be brainwashed by the Illuminati’s subliminal messages hidden in television shows like the Simpsons. Don’t believe me? There’s a YouTube video for that:

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