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The New World Order is Coming for You!

It seems that every few months someone sends me a link to a YouTube video (or ten) with important information that I “have” to see. As it turns out, there is a group of rich and powerful people who have been plotting or hundreds of years to take over the world and turn the rest of society into slaves. And guess what? They have very nearly succeeded, but fortunately for us there is a small group of YouTubers fighting back by sitting on their asses and making videos.

You don’t believe me? It’s all true. The Illuminati meet at Bohemian Grove and have been doing so for hundreds of years. They are some of the richest men (no women) in the world and yet for some strange reason they just can’t seem to take over the world. I wonder what they are planning to do once they do take over the world though. After all, they are rich and powerful men, so they already have money and they already have power. What else do they want? I don’t know.

The people who send me this crap are sincere and many of them are atheists who should fucking know better. At the end of the day, the evil Illuminati amount to the same as the Devil or the Boogieman. They are just an innocuous evil force which needs to be fought against by the few who special people needing to find meaning in their lives.

This whole New World Order shit is dangerous. In fact, it is just as dangerous as theistic religion in the sense that it is a delusion which promotes a world divided instead of a humanity united. As technology has advanced, the world has gotten smaller (not literally smaller). The European nations have formed a union and there is greater cooperation between many other nations. As time goes one, the world will eventually unite to form a single government. This is the evolution of humanity as we learn more about good government and how best to allocate resources.

This is a good thing. We will have fewer conflicts over resources and fewer wars. We will have a greater ability to work together for common interests of science, medicine, and space exploration and less of a need to spend exorbitant amounts of money preparing to fight each other. The League of Nations was the start of this process and today we have the United Nations.

The United Nations is not perfect but it serves as a stepping stone for the next step in the evolutionary chain of government. The problem is that these paranoid people are afraid of any kind of world government. They hate the United Nations and continually “warn” that the evil Illuminati are behind this New World Order. And of course the Bible comes into it too despite that fact that at least some of these people are atheists.

This type of delusional thinking impedes the progress of humanity. These people are going around telling people that world peace is not a good idea because it plays right into the hands of the Illuminati. When there is a new medical break through like the H1N1 vaccine, these people shout, “conspiracy!” Vaccines are just another way that the Illuminati will control people. When new technology is developed, the Illuminati will use it to track your every move.

Really, the richest and most powerful men in the world want to know how I spend my day? I find that impossible to believe. I must be brainwashed by the Illuminati’s subliminal messages hidden in television shows like the Simpsons. Don’t believe me? There’s a YouTube video for that:

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  • Barry

    That is the most insane thing I have ever seen. They HAVE to be joking, with that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/itsahicke Her3tiK

    I think the Bohemian Grove meetings are used to come up with new conspiracies to spread around so these rich people have something to laugh at, aside from stealing our money after their poor business skills ruin their companies and the gov’t bails them out, of course.

  • Katherine Heicksen

    It definitely stems from the ridiculous religious right. This is the kind of crap I grew up listening to. It wasn’t necessarily the Illuminati that was behind it all though. It was Satan and his minion the anti-Christ that were going to fool everyone into this terrible New World Order with promises of peace. He will probably have help from the aliens which are not really aliens but actually fallen angels, or demons. But of course, YHWY and his mini me Jesus could never stand for that, which is why the world will be punished with 7 years of torment for their misguided notions. And don’t forget about a key piece of technology in all of this – the chip! The chip that will be embedded in to your right hand is the mark of the beast that you will not be able to buy or sell anything with. Oh ya, and some of those plagues, they will be the result of the nanobots we are building for warfare purposes. Such talk has been going on as long as I’ve been alive. It isn’t new. It is most certainly religiously based – on the books of Daniel and Revelations to be exact. The Illuminati people are just ripping off the Christians with a watered down version of their doomsday stories. Sometimes they blend the two together.

  • Katherine Heicksen

    That video has got to be a joke though.

  • ProgRockGirl

    Would a unified world government be a good or bad thing? It simply depends on what kind of government it is. It’s hard to unite separate countries that have completely different values and are in different stages of civilization. The UN is only as good as the countries that make it up and that includes Islamic countries that wanted to ban speech deemed offensive to religion. I think if there were a unified government it would be the most helpful to the environment, as that’s the one thing that connects us all the most.

  • 1225truth

    I really get annoyed with this crap. Mind you, there have been elites (without borders) that have developed modern marketing to best exercise control and shift cumulative wealth to their best interests.

    Watch this video:

    Every generation has its host of characters who think they can best control the masses for peaceful order. The WTO (World Trade Organization) is anything but “most helpful to the environment”. Anything but! Its purpose to is to shift production and manufacture to the cheapest and least regulated regions to maximize profit for a tiny ratio of major stockholders.

  • Brian

    That the Illuminati exists and is planning to take over the world is an irrefutable fact. I saw an undeniable clue carefully hidden in another famous television show:

    Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

    The Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    I ended up writing a novel with this post but I talked about why we do need a one world government and our destiny as a human species.

    In response to the Illuminati believers, you have to remember that you need to also vote for Ron Paul because he will fight the Illuminati by dismantling Federal Reserve. But in all seriousness, this stuff is bullshit.

    For one, you have to buy the 9/11 bullshit to even take it seriously. If 9/11 is any kind of conspiracy whatsoever it is because Bush decided not to do anything about the event when given information that such an event was going to happen. The stuff about the government flying military planes into the building and using bombs is stupid. I think Bush would have sent us to Iraq regardless of 9/11. He didn’t necessarily need 9/11 to send us there, the reasoning to go there was alleged WMD. Afghanistan is where we are fighting Al-Queda.

    I agree that corporations are bribing our government to favor them (with bullshit like the bail outs to the banks), but in the end, our elected officials have most of the power.

    The reason we need a world government is because it is the next step in evolution. Our solar system started with three planets with liquid oceans but it wasn’t long before two of the planets lost their water due to unfavorable conditions. This is where we come in as a keystone species.

    What we will do is go to Venus and Mars, either in person or with our robots and change some things. On Mars, it might be possible to make a factory (or many factories) that can pull CO2 and/or N2 from rocks and place them into the atmosphere. On Venus, we need a chilled factory (perhaps making it mostly underground) that can pull CO2 into rock and then leave the rock deep underground where the hot surface temperatures cannot undo it (or perhaps we can take these rocks to Mars). CO2 is a greenhouse gas and we want to decrease it on Venus and increase it on Mars.

    After temperatures are favorable and atmosphere pressures are close to Earth’s, we can add water. Mars already has a ton water in it’s ice caps so we might need additional water here. Venus’s original water was broken by ultraviolet rays and much of it’s original atoms were lost to space. Regardless, there are other sources of O and H on Venus. SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) and H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid) are in the atmosphere and perhaps a chemical factory could rework SO2 and H2SO4 into O2 and H2O while leaving behind sulfur which could be used by us for something else.

    Powerful advanced chemistry seems to be the trick to terraform without having to do acts of god like crashing a large ice comet into a planet or somehow spinning a planet faster or making it’s core more molten to make a protective magnetosphere. Under the plan posted, the solar wind could undo our work in ten thousand years. When that time comes, we turn on our factories again and replenish lost molecules and eventually we will learn in the time frame of 10,000 years how to shield the planets.

    After the planets are habitable, we hyper speed evolution by introductions. We can’t use any flowering plants at first so we need to use our algae, mosses, ferns, and conifers first. One reason we need to protect our environment now is because we need a large pool of species to be able to add a biosphere to Mars and Venus.

    The plants will produce oxygen from CO2 (assuming we didn’t already produce our own oxygen from our factories). Then we introduce our smaller consumers like arthropods and mollusks, Eventually we will our other animals and over time evolution will take over.

    Mars has less gravity so changes should happen. Venus is more like Earth and I can imagine the main biomes would be rainforest, savanna, and desert. Mars on the other hand would probably have Tundra, Taiga, Deciduous Forest, Temperate Rainforests (like the redwoods), grasslands and colder deserts.

    Now, apparently the moon can be terraformed too thru similar means (it’s lack of atmosphere isn’t it’s low gravity, it is because of it’s small size failing to produce volcanoes to outgas an atmosphere). Mercury might be too hot but perhaps we can bend it to our will too once we get experience at doing this. Bio-engineering could make species on Mercury that are deciduous at high noon and midnight (which on Mercury, happen over a fairly long period of time). Then there is the Outer Solar System moons but at the moment I’m not gonna get into that. The sun might be too dim for that region and on those moons H2O is more common than rocks and metals combined.

    And there, now our solar system has three or more Earths instead of one. Evolution on Earth was so successful that life somehow spread and converted other planets into habitable planets due to a keystone species that acts as the guardian of life. This is our destiny and this is our role.

    For this to happen, we need alot of resources and we need more technology. This effort begins with educating the public in the fields of biology, astronomy, chemistry, and technology. We also need to bring about world peace, for it appears likely that the demise of the human race will be at our own hands. With forces like religion running around with modern technology, there is much at stake. What if the kind of people that did school shootings or suicide bombings had weapons of mass destruction? We need to get to the source, people don’t suicide unless they are driven to do so by external forces.

    So far, we have not found any other intelligent life. The implication is that either we are alone or that civilizations do happen but don’t spread beyond their system and/or that they die off after a certain period of time. I think it is fully possible that intelligent life destroys itself, all it takes in the later technology phases is for one disgruntled person to fuck up years of evolution for everybody and everything. We must avoid that at all costs.

  • Derynie

    I get a headache trying to debate conspiracy theorists because they are as fervent about their beliefs as Creationists. They don’t want to believe they are being paranoid. Instead, they want to live under the guise being a deep thinker who questions everything. You eventually have to just accept that you have to take some things as fact or reality. There’s no such thing as “questioning everything”. You would be running around in circles all day. Now granted, some things should be questioned or taken with a grain of salt, but not to the point of paranoia.

    I just got done looking at some bulletins posted about why antivaxxers are nuts and, of course, the antivaxxers came out en force telling me that I was ignorant for not questioning 9/11 and the government in all things. It just gets old and, quite frankly, freaks me out that there are a decent amount of people living with loaded shotguns under their beds waiting for the “War of the Worlds” scenario.

    Paranoid people are scary. My daily gears are set at “stuck on survive” right now. I don’t have time to sit and ruminate on all of the scary possibilities that the government is out to get me. Jesus Christ on a cracker!

  • Julian

    There are other videos on You Tube that document the money men, ‘international bankers’ etc.

    The problem is that they actualy have accrued most of the worlds wealth, most of our central banks are privately owned business for the private profit of people we are not allowed to know of – the central banks are NOT there for the benefit of the people.

    They literally control the currency of all Europeans, north and south Americans – as in – if they want to create a recession, they remove money from the liquidity stock of the nation – $9.3tril. I heard was what went missing from the US treasury.

    These people are absolutely Christian – the ignorant sort that the UK had in abundance for most of the past 500 years or so and even in this century their progeny – in the UK this is the landowner and gentry – regard the voter as vermin, perhaps anachronistic but judging by the current venom in all religeous address from all the abrahamic fools I think likely.

    And when you have ALL money and ALL power, the only thing left is dominion, and as we are all beneath them and those of the flock, and given the profound bigotry and hatred held by christians, dominion is a natural thing and I would be suprised if we are not all fucked under the classic military-industrial complex being built using Americans.

    The World Bank, UN (league of nations), WHO are all devices of this organisation and they control everything – when was the last time that a change in leader, PM, President etc actually change anything. Obama has been a massive let-down.

    It has taken then some hundreds of years to achieve, but this is because their followers are so blindly supine, they have lost their intellectual faculty to achieve this level of control so easily – now, however, they make machines they train with in Pakistan etc for use at home later on, when the incompetance of living people will matter less as they will be removed from the conflict and replaced by automota.

    Religion is a con to all and a device to cede power to others and hold dominion over them – the Roman Catholic Church held sway for 1000 years of brutality, supression and oppression – the Dark Ages, it can happen again and probably will. The Vatican, the financierss are effectively the same. Hitler was funded by them and supported by the RCC…

    Religion It is also a front to enable reality to be hidden. Atheists are sadly the ones that wil be able to sort it out, but it seems as though they are supressed in the US too.

    Really rather sad…

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      So let me get this straight, these rich and powerful people have been trying to take over the world for how long? And they still can’t manage it?

      They have all the money and all the power, but they want “dominion?” what the fuck does that mean? If I had all the money and all the power, I would already have all the dominion. This is just ridiculous paranoia. It is really sad that critical thinking is not taught in schools.

      BTW, the evil Illuminati know your IP address and they are coming for you, lol.

  • Julian

    My last message was more a recant of several of those ‘hype’ videos from youtube et al. They were very credible and the historical evidence of the control of the international bankers is in fact very strong with roots in Europe from a LONG time ago. Then all the other stuffs rides on the back of them, the CODEX, Swine Flu etc. I thought the Simpsons illustration somewhat laughable and ad-hoc, no evidence at all frankly. Also, I do not come from that direction but from a more credible and critical line of thought, with hope that its all bullshit.

    *Dominion” is simple: complete financial and political control – a new British Empire if you would. But with religious nutters at the helm – oh, the same again then…

    Not necessariliy maligned, but not necessarily benign either? – given the history of the last christian empire, it doesn’t bode well.

    Their finanical control is true enough, and our recession is caused by it, with intent, as was the 30′s depression where millions suffered; they are prepared to do that for profit, what will their counterparts do for God?

    I am (fortunately) not the mad one with the money and religious power and I am sure we will all suffer.

    Lets hope it is all paranoia. Perhaps they will treat our money and livelihoods with respect when they control everything.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      You said they already had the money and power, now you claim that they want the money and power, which is it?

      The evil Illuminati caused the recession on purpose for their evil plan? Really, I thought it was a bunch of greedy fucks who had no regulations to stop them from trying to take advantage of poor to lower middle class people who have no idea about mortgages so that they could line their own pockets? I guess I was fooled. It must have been the evil Illuminati’s plot to take over the world. My mistake, lol.

      The only thing to fear is fear itself! Stop being a pussy and man up. The Illuminati is bullshit. Now push your congress person and senators to put more regulations on wall street, insurance companies, and mortgage companies.

  • Julian

    Yes the Illuminati is bullshit, but the people (rich fucks) are the ones I am on about, and though the names are wrong, they are the same people.

    The recessions are also more systematic and controlled than you think. Each recession is a means to consolidate control and centralise it. They are very regular dont you think?

    About money and power, they most of the money and huge amounts of power, just not absolute power and all of the money – which is what they want. They currently control over 80% of the worlds physical resource in gold – apparently.

    I agree about the paranoia about the Illuminati – it is paranoia, but not the central bankers.

    There is no chance a congress person or MP would be able to assert any power over the central banks – it just wont happen – if it could, US Congress would have printed money – which can be done in a well managed manner and not destroy the currency – but sadly congress has no right to print money – at all. This is the key and fundamental point about the new world power – the people, from the US to central Europe have no control over their currency – at all. Only the few select shareholders at the top. Those that people (or themselves) like to call the Illuminati.

    Staks, do some research on the central banks – it is alarming.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      You lost me at “systematic and controlled.” This is where you have gone off to the loony bin. The idea that these people are working together for global domination is just ridiculous and I have to call you out on it.

      Maybe the central bank isn’t a good idea and maybe congress should take control on the money supply more than they have, but that doesn’t equal evil conspiracy to control mankind.

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    The problem with the conspiracy theories is that they are inconsistent. One of them says that the Illuminati made religion to control the masses while others say the Illuminati is the anti-Christ. Then there was the first story I saw in which the US broke free from the control of bankers in the revolutionary war but then a president sold our nation to the bankers by making the federal reserve. Then there are those that say our founding fathers were part of the Illuminati from the beginning.

    Kennedy was killed for apparently trying to dismantle the reserve. And now people are saying Michael Jackson was killed for standing up to the Illuminati. Let’s make a martyr out of everyone who expires early. Before MJ died, the general opinion on the man was fairly negative and the Illuminati controlled media made him into the next Elvis.

    Corporations bride politicians and the validity of the Fed seems like it might be questionable but read my post in the blog following this one. If the NWO makes happy citizens the NWO will work. If the NWO treats us like shit, their system will collapse no matter how powerful.

  • Julian

    You are right Scott, it is impossible to know the truth. And that an unsuccessful empire that fails to treat its subjects with any respect will always fail.

    The evidence of the struggle against the creation of central banks is the truth I believe in out of all of this, the rest is pure conjecture and presupposes the existence of the Illuminati, which is impossible to do.

    I think the domination thing is still highly likely, Empires have always been struggled for, throughout our history, but I am presupposing the worst scenario.

    I do hope I hail from the looney bin, cos life will go as we know it; our recessions are still created on purpose however and I want to stand by that one :-)


  • http://www.myspace.com/rothtalltales Tralf

    That is one funny video, produced by either a total genius or a total fruitcake. If it’s the latter, I hope someone explained to them that MAD is the name of a magazine, and that 9 plus the towers isn’t 911, it’s meaningless, unless you’re a fruitcake.


  • http://www.myspace.com/diana_graves Diana

    Uh…lol, I don’t have time to worry about the Illuminati, I’m too busy worring about 2012, alian probes, governemnt take overs, the end of days…and what to make for dinner!

    lol :)

  • Sam

    So what if it “plays into the hands of the Illuminati”?

    If it promotes peace and cooperation, why should we worry about that?

    THINK, people.

    Even if this whole Illuminati thing is real, it helps us.

    Unless they’ve given some rational way that it could harm us.

    But who am I to talk? I’ve taken James Cameron’s “Terminator” franchise too seriously and I honestly think it will happen despite the fact that I know it won’t, if that makes any sense.

    Of course, it’s not as if I’m against the machines rising or anything… Not as long as they can make me one of them. lol

    Yeah, I’m insane. I have papers to prove it.

    Not really.

    I just have a healthy obsession with the greatest and best thought-out science fiction franchise in the history of mankind. (yeah, up yours, Star Trek).

    Okay, this rant is becoming irrelevant and I’m sorry for that.

    • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

      Be nice to Star Trek :(

      I can not write a rant worthy of Star Trek or I would. I will say simply that it was a show before it time, it challenged people’s perceptions and it spread atheism all over America without anyone being the wiser. At times it has sold out for money, but the original message remains. Once we settle our petty disputes over land, money and religion we can do great things… :) eliminate poverty, hunger, money, serious crime and religion, stop natural disasters from happening, and extend out reach to the farthest galaxies.

      I love the Terminator franchise as well, but one story is about war, despair and human kind’s ability to survive at great odds, while the other is about an ideal society gained through the destruction of senseless ideology (religion, money, power, material possession, issues over race and gender). They are both great and worthy of our admiration but clearly one inspires progress while the other simply inspires fear and arrogance…

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  • Scott

    I want to add to this discussion something new.

    See the stuff going on the middle east? It only takes a group of angry citizens to topple a regime. So what if the regime tries to murder it’s citizens? Well, it gives the regime a bad image. And it causes the police and military to defect and join the protesters. It caused the international community to push sanctions. I would not be surprised if the leader in Libya gets put to death within the short term.

    I see a domino effect here and I think this movement will spread as the effectiveness is witnessed. Eventually, we will see this in Iran and maybe even in China. And right now, our own citizens are protesting the class system in the US as the gap between and rich and poor continue to grow.

    So, if an evil NWO comes around, they will not have power if the citizens do not support them. An NWO like the one the conspiracy theorist envisions is not possible.

  • Peter

    I don’t know what retail you’re in but the overriding principle is “the customer is always right” whether they are or not. I worked in retail all my working life (supermarket/meat cutter/manger) and sometimes the ones who actually pay you—the customer—can be obnoxious, but you just bite your tongue and carry on. But, making an issue because someone said “god bless you” and than saying you’re an atheist is inviting dismissal. You have to chose your battles, my friend, and in a retail store is not the place.

  • f_galton

    If a customer says something religious you should get in a heated argument with her, even if there are other people waiting for service. It’s too important not to.

  • JRBuckley

    My partner, also an Atheist, has worked in retail for over eight years. The #1 question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to keep this job?” If the answer is “Yes,” then you bite your tongue, don’t wear any anti-religious jewelry, and when a customer says something like, “God bless you,” or, “Merry Christmas,” you answer with, “Same to you!” with a smile on your face. If you don’t care about the job, or have lots of ‘fuck-you-money’ to spend on lawyers for a wrongful termination lawsuit, then go for it. Sadly, it’s the way it is these days….
    P.S. If you do decide to become adversarial with customers or co-workers over this, any boss who knows what they’re doing will fire you for something completely unrelated like a small mistake – especially if you’re in a “right to work” state.

  • MosesZD

    Look, before I gave up public accounting I was an atheist CPA with a large cohort of Christian Music artists in Nashville, TN — the buckle of the bible belt. Beyond pablum greetings, the subject really is just not going to come up beyond some entirely superficial way. So don’t worry too much about it.

    If,and when, it does happen, my advice is to just smile and be nice without taking any stand on any thing or getting all bent out of shape. It’s not going to harm you. You’re not going to develop the need to blow up an abortion clinic or make your partner wear funny clothes (unless of course you guys are into that thing…). It costs nothing to be polite and you can keep score, if you must, on how you’re ‘better’ because you’re shoving your beliefs into the faces of others.

    If your co-workers bring it up, just tell them you don’t discuss religion (and politics) because it too often leads to hurt feelings over doctrinal differences. If religion is being abused by management, get a new job when you can. Otherwise, it’s no big deal.

    In fact, don’t discuss politics or economics either.