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SCA’s 50 State Solution

This week, the Secular Coalition for America is starting their 50 state push to create local branches. Today, Pennsylvania is up and I will try to get in on that call. This is a pretty ambitious plan on the part of the SCA and there are a lot of atheists who don’t think it will succeed and even a few who don’t want it to succeed because they don’t like the SCA’s Executive Director. I am for one hope that it does succeed.

Despite Edwina Rogers’ poor interview with Greta Christina, I still support Rogers. I think this 50 state plan is really important. I think it is much more important that knowing the particulars of our community. That can be learned later. Setting up the infrastructure that we need to really fight back against the Religious Right is really the most important thing at this point.

Rogers may not be great with interviews and she probably isn’t well versed on the details of all of our issues, but she knows how to lobby and she knows how to organize politically. We need that.

Find out more about the SCA’s 50 state organization project on their website. Call into the organizational meeting. Let’s start kicking ass and taking politicians’ names.

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