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‘Truth’ Is a Four-Letter-Word

You know someone is full of shit when they use the word, “Truth” instead of laying out the evidence for why something is true. Also, you know they are full of shit when they use the word, “Truth” instead of saying that something is “true.” For example, “God is the Truth.” Religious believers also like […]

Safety in Numbers at the Reason Rally

One of the things I struggle with in the Philly area is whether or not to wear atheist themed shirts in public. I usually don’t unless I am going to an atheist meeting or event. I do have a few shirts that are atheism-lite in that they advocate for secular values but are not obviously […]

The Side Show at the Reason Rally

When I was at the Reason Rally, I was walking around and I saw one lone Christian street preacher telling a crowd of atheists that we were all doomed to Hell to be tortured for all eternity unless we repented and accepted Jesus as our Lord. While there were one or two atheists who were […]

Security Guard at the Reagan Trade Center

When I first got to the Reason Rally, my brother and I were very early. We got there at about 7:30am. So we decided to look for breakfast. I remembered that there was a food court in the Ronald Reagan Trade Center, so we went in there. When we got there, a security guard had […]

Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Reporter’ at the Reason Rally

There are lots of different stories that I want to tell about my experience at the Reason Rally. Today’s story is about Bill O’Reilly’s reporter. Yeah, Papa Bear himself sent a reporter to our rally to interview atheists. My brother and I were wondering around the Rally much of the time and I remember as […]

Closeted Christians

One of the most amazing things about the Reason Rally was it was like opposite day. Atheists had no fear in expressing our atheism. We didn’t have to hide from anyone. Christians on the other hand, were often the ones afraid to come out of the closet. There are four different groups of Christians at […]

Under Reporting Our Numbers

I know where I got my numbers from the Reason Rally, but I have no idea where everyone else is getting their numbers from. Some sources are reporting as little as 5000 people. My source said over 30k. Most sources are reporting 20k or 25k. Why is the media trying to under report our numbers? […]

Reason Rally Was Awesome!

The Reason Rally was awesome! But you already knew that. For me, the highlight was meeting so many awesome people. There were a lot of small conversations and situations that happened that I will be talking about in the coming week or so. But today I want to talk about my general experience. My brother […]

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