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Under Reporting Our Numbers

I know where I got my numbers from the Reason Rally, but I have no idea where everyone else is getting their numbers from. Some sources are reporting as little as 5000 people. My source said over 30k. Most sources are reporting 20k or 25k. Why is the media trying to under report our numbers? […]

Is Mormonism a Cult?

Rick Perry’s pastor friend recently called Mormonism a cult because Rick Perry’s opponent Mitt Romney is a Mormon. But I have found that a surprisingly number of Christians make this claim also. The fact is that Mormonism is a cult… and so are Christianity and every other religion. A while ago, I did a two-hour […]

Should We Out Other Atheists?

Within the gay community there is a taboo around outing other gays although some gay rights activists do it anyway. While there is certainly some gray areas about this especially if the person being outed is anti-gay. My question for the day is whether or not there should be such a taboo in the atheist […]

Harold Camping No Different than Other Christians

The theme I have been hitting lately that many Christians don’t seem to get is that their belief is ridiculous superstitions is no different than Harold Camping’s belief in ridiculous superstition. Christians can’t distance themselves fast enough from Camping with good reason. He makes them look bad. I know that Christianity is a pretty broad […]

The Argument by Popularity

Recent, a Christian informed me that he has evidence that God exists. Part of me expected him to take the Bill O’Reilly route of “the tides go in and the tides go out.” But he didn’t take that route. He didn’t even go with the Argument by Design or the First Cause argument. Instead, he […]

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