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Harold Camping No Different than Other Christians

The theme I have been hitting lately that many Christians don’t seem to get is that their belief is ridiculous superstitions is no different than Harold Camping’s belief in ridiculous superstition. Christians can’t distance themselves fast enough from Camping with good reason. He makes them look bad.

I know that Christianity is a pretty broad term and that there are all sorts of Christians, but if you are a Christian at all, you are a believer in a ridiculous belief system not based on evidence or reason. Harold Camping is the same as you are. The difference is that his beliefs are slightly kookier and that he takes them a bit more seriously.

But when we say Camping’s beliefs are slightly kookier, that is only because most of society has accepted the generic Christian kookiness. Society has accepted this not on the evidence or on reasoned discourse, but simply because the majority believe it. But on the merits, Camping’s beliefs are equally kooky.

Christians have to stop thinking that their beliefs are more rational than that of Harold Camping because the fact is that they are not. Harold Camping has no evidence to support his belief and neither do other Christian believers. So there you go.

Sure, a Christian can make justifications for their beliefs, but so can Harold Camping. When it comes to actual evidence however, Christians and Camping are in the same boat… and it is full of holes.

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  • kirk

    By this claim I might also propose that all mammals are all the same. Completely indistinguishable. Cats are dogs. Lemurs are possums. No difference. To suggest otherwise is lunacy.

    Camping is completely explained by his behavior. It is not just his words that tie to his holy book but his bizarre ‘moth to the flame’ quality of his conspicuous prophetic japing. The pope hasn’t turned somersaults and shouted “The world will end tomorrow”. That is behavior and that is what I can use to distinguish what people ARE on the outside, – not the internal fantasy world of flawed perception.

    Sure, all xtians are driven my motivated reasoning – just like me. But saying silly shit and doing silly shit are not the same thing. This is a distinguishing characteristic. Cats don’t bark.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Let me put it this way Kirk, If you asked the Pope if he believes that Jesus will return soon, what do you think he would say? Only only real difference between Camping and the Pope is that Camping put a date and time on it. But the beliefs are the same.

    For the record, all mammals are the same with respect to various factors.

  • Robert

    Not to mention people choose their religion, you can’t choose to be a mammal.

  • http://stripey7.blogspot.com Eric Hamell

    The essential difference is that the conventional Christian belief (“no one knows the day or the hour”) is unfalsifiable, whereas Camping’s was not. And this actually makes a big difference in behavior, because the unfalsifiable belief dictates that one behave in ways that are sustainable — rather than, for instance, burning through all one’s savings and euthanizing one’s pets.

    From an empirical standpoint, the conventional belief cannot be either true or false since it can’t be tested. It only has practical impact insofar as it’s linked to particular ethical positions — and there are none of these that really are linked to it reliably. Christians exhibit the full spectrum of behaviors from humanist to antihumanist, and there’s no evidence that one is more or less due to their theology than the other.

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  • Shoe Wanna

    Atheism can’t account for this article.