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Reason Rally Was Awesome!

The Reason Rally was awesome! But you already knew that. For me, the highlight was meeting so many awesome people. There were a lot of small conversations and situations that happened that I will be talking about in the coming week or so. But today I want to talk about my general experience.

My brother and I got to the Rally at 7:30am and there were just a handful of people. So we went to the Ronald Reagan Trade Center to get some breakfast in the foodcourt. On our way we met up with some atheists from Boston. When we left, we met up with some atheists from my backyard in Philly. When we got back to the Rally site at a little after 8am, the first person I saw was my favorite atheist, Fred Edwords.

For those who don’t know, I think Fred Edwords is the greatest atheist ever. Even though we are friends and technically he is my boss (since I’m the head of PhillyCoR), it is still always a thrill for me to see him. So if you ask me who the best speaker of the day was, I would have to go with Fred seconded by maybe Penn Jillette or Jessica Alhquist. But to be honest, I didn’t hear a lot of the speeches and performances but I made it a point to listen to those speeches. I figured I’d hear all the speeches either online or on the Reason Rally DVD. I wanted to focus more on meeting people on the ground and asking people where they were from and what their experiences were.

I didn’t really stay in one place like most people, but kind of just roamed around talking to people. I popped in and out of the organization tent a bit too.

It was great to meet some of my friends on facebook in person and some of the people I have been talking to for years. I would love to give shoutouts to all the people that came up to me and told me how much they love my Examiner articles. Wow, it really amazed me. I felt a little like a celebrity at times. I’m not used to that, but I do appreciate it.

There is so much to talk about. My official story on the Reason Rally is HERE. I will be talking about lots of little conversations and incidents over the next week or two.

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