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Find Me At The Reason Rally

I’m going to the Reason Rally and if you are reading this blog, you should be too. My plan is to drive down with my brother on Saturday and stay pretty late to party with fellow atheists. Celebrate with us.

I plan on wearing my signature Dangerous Talk shirt and if I can remember, a nametag. I’ll be hanging out mainly at the Freethought Society table and the UnitedCoR table. But I do intend to walk all over the place and stop by all the various tables. Although Christians will be there and I love to converse with them, I think I try not to do that this time around because I can do that anywhere. This is a great event because it will have so many atheists in one place and I want to talk to so many different atheists that I just don’t want to waste my time with crazy theists. I want to talk to you, so find me and say hello.

I should add that I am terrible with names, so even if I have corresponded with you a ton of times, I still might not remember your name. Don’t be offended, just remind me about some of the conversations we have had or just introduce yourself.

I probably won’t be going to the big blogger afterparty for a few reasons. First, it is only for the first 150 people and out of the 10,000 expected, the odds are that I won’t be one of those. Second, the food looks pricy and not really my taste. Third, I would rather talk to you than other bloggers. So my plan is to meet some cool people and go to a venue of our choosing.

Finally, it is supposed to rain on Saturday, so we should all chant, “Rain, rain go away and come back another day.” If enough of us chant that at the exact same time, we should be able to alter the laws of physics and stop the rain. Ready? Go! 😉

PS No blog tomorrow. I’ll be busy getting ready for THE REASON RALLY!

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