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Atheists Love Drama!

We almost made it, but nope. Less than a week before the Reason Rally, drama has now ensued. It seems that atheists are better at sabotaging ourselves than even the Democrats… and that is really hard to do. So instead of dealing with our common problem (i.e. the theocrats) some people in our community have decided they would rather attack other atheists and sabotage our Reason Rally in the name of purity.

The Rally is for everyone in our community and shocker, not everyone in our community likes or agrees with everyone else in our community. There are plenty of prominent atheists I think are irrational, but this Rally isn’t about me, it is about us. We all have our pet causes and pet peeves, but this Rally is not about those things. It is about our community as a whole.

Stop with the drama and let’s focus on the values we all share. Let’s focus on showing the Washington and the nation that we are here, we are godless, and we vote (or can vote)! If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them. Don’t bring your drama to the Rally. TNT knows drama and last I checked the Reason Rally will not be televised on that network.

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