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The Side Show at the Reason Rally

When I was at the Reason Rally, I was walking around and I saw one lone Christian street preacher telling a crowd of atheists that we were all doomed to Hell to be tortured for all eternity unless we repented and accepted Jesus as our Lord. While there were one or two atheists who were upset about this, most of the atheists asked the street preacher if they could have their photo taken with him.

It seemed so funny to me because the guy was so serious and most of the atheists treated him like a zoo animal in that he was our entertainment. Sure, some atheists asked him questions to try to trip him up, but most just laughed and saw him as this strange, exotic creature trapped in a cage of his own dogmatism.

Later, when more street preachers arrived, it seemed even more entertaining. Instead of just one animal, there were now several; each one with their own unique brand of crazy. How did they get like this? Did they realize that they had become our entertainment? Did they realize just how silly and clownish their rhetoric was?

The fact that while they were telling us that we should be tortured for all eternity was met with our desire to take photos of ourselves with them while laughing, should have been a clue that we weren’t taking them seriously. They were the side show who interestingly enough stood literally on the side of the Reason Rally.

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