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‘Truth’ Is a Four-Letter-Word

You know someone is full of shit when they use the word, “Truth” instead of laying out the evidence for why something is true. Also, you know they are full of shit when they use the word, “Truth” instead of saying that something is “true.” For example, “God is the Truth.”

Religious believers also like to stick “Truth” or even “True” in front of everything to change it to mean the opposite of what it does. For instance, if you see a group that calls themselves “Freethinkers” they probably are free thinkers. But if you see a group that is call, “True Freethinkers” then they probably aren’t.

While at the Reason Rally, there was a group called, “True Reason” and guess what? They weren’t very reasonable. In fact, while I was walking to lunch, I ran into an elderly couple handing out postcard advertisements for the Reason Rally. I told them that we were already there and that we will be going back after lunch. They handed us a postcard anyway and while sitting at lunch I noticed that they were really advertising for the “True Reason Rally.” Guess what? It was all about being unreasonable and having faith.

I bet next they will come up with “True atheists” who believe in Jesus. Frankly, I’m surprised some Christian hasn’t actually thought of that. Maybe we should create an organization dedicated to the, “One True God,” no god at all.

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