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Two Sets of Laws

Democrats used to talk about the two Americas, one for the rich and one for the poor. This is certainty true, but there is another set of two Americas developing. With relation to the rule of law, there is one set of laws for the religious and another set for everyone else.

Religious groups have been demanding that exemptions from laws that they don’t feel like adhering to. The most talked about example these days is of course the contraceptive health care coverage debate. The law wants to make it so all employers pay to cover the contraception needs of their employees. But the religious want to be exempt from this law.

There is of course the law that pharmacists have to fill the prescriptions that doctors prescribe… except that the religious want an exemption from that and have been lobbying congress to include such an exemption.

The religious are also pushing for an exemption to adoption laws that require agencies to not exclude gay parents. This debate got so heated that Catholic Charities even tried to hold our nation’s capital hostage over the situation. Fortunately they failed.

But the point is that more and more bills headed to congress are including religious exemption and are creating two sets of laws in this country; one set of laws for the religious and one set of laws for everyone else.

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